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Why Self-pole global Huobian selfie ring stand

  • Author:jaskey
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2015-03-27
Self-rod why Huobian Global Self-bar is also known as selfie ring stand, This year's two sessions, with celebrity members such as the self-LEI show, as well as the reporters anywhere to record a live one or advertising, so the self-pole really was a fire. US President Barack Obama, South Korean President Park Geun-hye and other international dignitaries are also a fan of the self-timer lever, since with it, playing the self-timer, photo shoot and more handy. Look around the world attractions, professional selfie ring stand cameras used today Changqiangduanbao less, over their heads more than a self-timer lever. Humanity seems to have been unable to stop the pace of the popular self-timer lever. Self-bar is divided into: no need to connect a Bluetooth-line self-timer lever without charge and Bluetooth connectivity Bluetooth self-timer shots.selfie ring stand
Self-rod why Huobian global? selfie ring stand only ten centimeters long,Easy to carry Stretching open, you can reach one meter or two meters, the self-yourself able body. The lighter weight of the camera phone or fixed at the forefront of the selfie ring stand, connect your phone via Bluetooth pairing and remote control, press the shutter button to take pictures on the handle can be achieved.
Self-bar price from tens of dollars to the hundred dollars, there is a difference in quality, Shanghai Star Photography Equipment City, a shopkeeper, said the self-pole since last year at his shop selling particularly well, although there are a lot of shops are selling. According to relevant statistics, sales of self-timer lever 2014 than the previous year.selfie ring stand In Japan, many sites have topped the 2014 best photography accessories list. "Time" magazine also Self global 25 best inventions of the rod into the assessment. Who invented the self-timer lever? In fact, the self-timer lever did not we think of so fresh, there have been several decades. According to the United States, "New York Magazine" reported that the Canadian inventor Wayne recently sued various perpetrators, he had invented a device may support the camera, and now the self-timer function is very similar to the rod, in 2005 he applied for a patent for it . But this magazine that Wayne is likely to be in vain, because the design of selfie ring stand based on the same abstraction does not mean that infringement.

selfie ring stand does not belong to an individual's whimsy, like a crystallization of human wisdom. "New York Magazine" said, recalling the 20th century, almost every decade there are different forms of self-timer lever born. In 1995, a Japanese magazine, the young man holding one kind of Self-pole, when the phone has no camera, connect the camera shutter can only hobble around the self. BBC published a 1925 photo in a report, photographs of a young couple holding a British aid the self-long sticks. This is probably the earliest known self-timer artifact. Why are humans so beloved Self-bar? Eager to re-examine themselves, the world's most simple reason is that the hand is not long enough, so it is a mug shot self-timer, self-timer lever Once you have a group of people can easily take a photo, and then press the shutter without sacrificing who went up. Developed mobile Internet and mobile phone camera selfie ring stand can quickly upload and convenient social networking, self-timer lever is a popular technical reasons. American architecture critic Michael Benedict raised an interesting explanation: we live today like a kaleidoscope, people overwhelmed, disoriented, eager to look at ourselves in a new way, look at the world, which is why young people in particular love with the selfie ring stand, but we also like other stimuli in place on top of a skyscraper overlooking own Self.