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What’s the effect of portable bluetooth speaker position on sound?

2021-03-16 15:56:09

In fact, in many people's audio-visual rooms, the system does not produce satisfactory sound. A basic problem is that bluetooth speaker is not placed correctly. Finding the correct position for your speaker is the most important basic factor for the system to make a good sound.

The key to achieving the best sound effect is how to reduce the interaction between bluetooth speaker and the room, thereby optimizing spectral balance, low-frequency volume, sound field depth and width, mid-frequency domain clarity and image formation.

Correct positioning can make the whole system come alive, and share some common positioning techniques.

1. The relationship between portable bluetooth speakers and listeners

The listener should sit in the middle of the two portable bluetooth speakers, and the distance from portable bluetooth speakers should be slightly larger than the distance between the two portable bluetooth speakers. The wider bluetooth speaker, the wider the sound field, but if bluetooth speaker is too wide, the middle sound image will be weakened. If bluetooth speaker spacing is too narrow, the width of the sound field will shrink.

When using a multi-unit bluetooth speaker, you should try to be as far away as possible from bluetooth speaker, so that the sound of each unit can be blended together. If the distance is too close, the coordination of high, medium, and bass will be very different.

portable bluetooth speaker

2. Being close to the wall affects the amount of bass

Let me first mention whether your portable bluetooth speakers are bass reflex or sealed portable bluetooth speakers. The bass reflex type must be far away from the back wall, and the sealed bluetooth speaker is more unrestricted.

If the placement of portable bluetooth speakers in your room is restricted and cannot be far away from the back wall, you have to decide which bluetooth speaker to choose is more suitable for your room. Some portable bluetooth speakers are designed to be close to the back wall to enhance the bass to achieve the natural coordination of high, mid and bass. If these portable bluetooth speakers are far away from the back wall and approach the center of the room, the sound will become thinner.

Correct placement can not only extend the low-frequency response of the bluetooth speaker and achieve natural attenuation, but also avoid frequency peaks and depressions, and make the bass smoother. Improper positioning can cause uneven frequency response, produce standing waves, and render bass. As a result, the bass energy will be too strong, and the mid and high will be less.

The distance between bluetooth speaker and the side wall will affect the sound reflection. The closer it is to the side wall, the more reflected sound will reach the listener. This is not a good thing, and it will affect the sense of positioning of the image.

1. The distance to the back wall affects the expressiveness of the sound field

Generally, the farther bluetooth speaker is from the back wall, the deeper the sound stage. A deep and wide sound field is rarely produced on speakers close to the back wall. Unfortunately, many audio-visual rooms cannot keep portable bluetooth speakers away from the back wall. If portable bluetooth speakers must be close to the back wall, the back wall needs to be diffused. In principle, the stronger the back wall, the better.

2. The location of the listener in the room

When you hear resonance in the room, you must constantly move the listening position back and forth to find a better position without resonance. When you find the flattest position, you can get a smoother bass, and at the same time you can hear the improvement of the clarity and resolution of the midrange.

3. The coordination of listening height and high school bass

When the seat height changes, it will affect the high and mid bass, not the bass balance. Specifically, when your ears are at the same height as the tweeter, or on the axis of the tweeter, bluetooth speaker sounds the brightest (the amount of treble is the most). The degree of change due to the height of the sound will vary greatly due to the spreading ability of the treble of different speakers. Some portable bluetooth speakers have a lot of tolerance, and when you change the height, you can only hear the slight difference.

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