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The misunderstanding that audiophiles will fall into, have you been recruited?

2021-03-18 17:32:43

With the development of society, people have pursued a higher quality of life, and at the same time, they have also driven high-quality requirements for products. People's quality requirements for music bluetooth speakers are constantly improving, and the pursuit of some audiovisual effects is even higher. The home is equipped with a set of music bluetooth speaker equipment, but many people cannot handle these music bluetooth speakers perfectly, and often fall into misunderstandings, causing the high-quality equipment to not exert its maximum effect.

Today, I will take you to know a few misunderstandings, come and see if you have won the trick~

1. Volume adjustment

Adjust the volume as you like. If the volume is too low, there is no effect. If the volume is too loud, after several indoor reflections, it will become too high-pitched, counterproductive, unable to resonate, and even less able to experience the desired audio-visual feast. Therefore, the volume adjustment should not be too high or too low, but should be appropriate.

2. Often not used

Some people think that music bluetooth speaker needs to be used sparingly if you want to extend its life. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. The editor of Mina tells you that music bluetooth speaker should be used frequently, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the best effect when playing a good song occasionally. Some electrical components will become damp if not used for a long time, which will affect the playback effect.

music bluetooth speakers

3. Put the equipment in the cabinet

Some friends put the equipment in the cabinet for decoration and protection. This will make the sound muddy due to the latent vibration caused by the space in the cabinet. Because the power amplifier and other equipment do not have enough circulating air, they are easy to overheat and age, and will cause sound effects. Become abrupt.

4. Stacking equipment

Many people place DVD players, amplifiers, tuners, digital-to-analog converters and other machines on top of each other, which will cause mutual interference, especially the serious interference between radium camcorders and power amplifiers, which will make the sound harder and produce a sense of depression. The correct way is to put the equipment on the music bluetooth speaker rack.

5. Improper wiring handling

Do not tie the power cord and the signal line together when handling the wiring, because the alternating current will affect the signal; the signal line or the speaker line must not be knotted, otherwise it will affect the sound; the signal line or the speaker line can be shortened if it is too long. Many signal lines have directionality, don't make mistakes.

Music bluetooth speaker equipment is exquisite to use, and it can be used well to achieve the ideal audio-visual effect. You can also maintain the equipment to extend its life. You should also understand what it will bring about improper use.

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