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What is the sensitivity of bluetooth noise cancelling headphones

jaskey www.jaskeyworld.com 2015-03-23 18:38:26
Usually said sensitivity headphones actually bluetooth noise cancelling headphones sensitivity level, it is applied to the electric power 1mW bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, bluetooth noise cancelling headphones Coupling resulting in artificial ear (dummy head) in the SPL, 1mW of power is based on a standard bluetooth noise cancelling headphones impedance frequency 1000Hz based computing. The sensitivity of the unit is dB / mW, another unusual is dB / Vrms, namely SPL 1Vrms voltage is applied to the resulting bluetooth noise cancelling headphones. High sensitivity means that the power required to achieve a certain sound pressure level to be small, and now moving coil sensitivity bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are generally in 90dB / mW or more, if it is selected as the Walkman headphones,SensitivityPreferably 100dB / mW or so or more.bluetooth noise cancelling headphones