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What are the different types of bluetooth headphones for running features introduced

  • Author:jaskey
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2015-03-20

First, the bluetooth headphones for running Category:
1, the most simple points system, and earbud headset can be divided into:
bluetooth headphones for running Generally larger, have a certain weight, so less convenient to carry, but its expression is very strong, enabling isolated enjoy the wonderful music.
Ease of travel earbud mainly listen to music, because it's very small. Such is mainly used for CD Walkman headphones, MP3 player, MD.
2. Press Transducer principle (Transducer) points
Mainly moving coil (Dynamic) and electrostatic (Electrostatic) bluetooth headphones for running into two categories, although in addition to these two categories there are a few other than magnetic electret type, etc., but either have been eliminated or the market for professional use possession of rare, are not discussed here.
Dynamic bluetooth headphones for running (also known as electric): the vast majority (more than about 99%) fall into this category ear bluetooth headphones for running, the principle is similar to ordinary speakers, in a permanent magnetic field of the coil and the diaphragm is connected to the coil in the signal current driven diaphragm driven sound. Dynamic bluetooth headphones for running more efficient, most stereo headphone output can be driven on.
Electrostatic bluetooth headphones for running (also known as capacitive): changes in the electric field diaphragm, diaphragm thin, precise to a few microns (the current generation of electrostatic headphones STAX diaphragm is accurate to 1.35 micron), the coil in the electric force driven diaphragm driven sound. SPL electrostatic headphones can reach no big moving coil headphones, but it's fast response, can reproduce a variety of small details, very low distortion. Because of its structural precision, demanding material, and more for manual assembly and commissioning, it is expensive.
There is also a double-crossover Headphones: double crossover headset is based on a semi-open bluetooth headphones for running integrated electric and capacitive both the merits of the two-stage divider headphones. It electric, capacitive, closed, open the advantages of the four headphone rolled into one, (this is a real "hybrid") in terms of the dynamic range of these headphones, transient response, playback quality, Voices thickness, etc., are very superior, and it is the best choice for accurate analytical sound of music enthusiasts.
By use of the situation, in general, electric headset has a simple structure,Sound and stable Cheap and is suitable for the general public to choose from, it can meet the general needs; capacitive headphones, the sound quality is good and the frequency bandwidth, but due to the complexity of the process, the price is relatively high, suitable for use for enthusiasts, it's listening quality pretty good.
3, according to the degree of openness points
Mainly open, semi-open, closed (closed)
Closed bluetooth headphones for running That is, by its own pad to wrap a soft sound to your ears, so that it is completely covered up. Because these headphones have a big sound mat, so the head is large, but there can be unaffected tone pad used in noisy environments. Earmuffs ear to prevent sound oppression large discrepancy, the correct positioning of the sound is clear, professional monitoring of such common areas, but these headphones have a serious drawback is that the bass sound pollution, W100 is an obvious example.
Open headphones is the more popular style headphones. The characteristics of these models through the use of a sponge-like porous foam ear pads made of plastic transparent sound. It is compact, very comfortable to wear, no longer using heavy tone dye pad, so there is no sense of isolation from the outside world, the sound can leak, and vice versa is also possible to hear outside sounds. If the headset is open to a high degree, the other side can hear the sound units issued, a certain crossfeed makes natural sense of hearing. But its large low-frequency loss, some people say it's accurate low frequency. Open headphones to listen to a sense of general nature, wear comfortable, common in home appreciation HIFI headphones.
Semi-open headphones are a combination of closed and open two kinds of headphones advantagesThe new headphones(It is a hybrid that combines the advantages of the first two headphones, improving deficiencies), these headphones using multi diaphragm structure, in addition to an active active diaphragm, there are more than passive follower diaphragm. It has a full description of the low-frequency sounding, high-frequency description bright natural, clear a lot of features such as level, now widely on many high-end headphones application is this headset.
bluetooth headphones for running
4, according to zoning
Mainly home (Home), portable (Portable), monitor (Monitor), Mix (Mix), head record (Binaural Recording).
Characteristics and limitations of wireless headphones
Second, in addition to the traditional wired headphones, wireless headphones are also increasingly popular, wireless headsets generally use infrared, radio frequency or Bluetooth to send messages.
1. infrared headphones
Features: must be transferred within the line of sight, the application of position limits is larger, but less likely to interfere.
Restrictions: In strong sunlight, sending signals may be affected.
2. RF wireless headphones
Features:PenetrationHigher user within about 100 meters of environmental, whether indoors or outdoors, you can still hear the music, but farther away from the more affected tone.
Restrictions: RF headphones because "range" distant, vulnerable to other signal interference, may be wrong seat music launch another issue, so RF headphones usually have two or three band selection, such as the use of multiple infrared or radio frequency in the same place bluetooth headphones for running tuned to the same band as long as the simultaneous reception of signals, each person can use while listening.
3. Bluetooth headset
Features: use of digital radio transmission bluetooth headphones for running, Signal interference or error situations can be avoided receive messages.
Limitations: Some models can be an ordinary 3.5 mm Wired general player, there are some models only paired Bluetooth design individual player or mobile phone. In addition, because of the design and Bluetooth transmission power constraints, the transmission distance is short, generally suitable for use portable player.