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What is the development direction of Bluetooth audio? Multiple Bluetooth speakers connected?

The breakthrough of Bluetooth 5.0 technology in 2019 is exciting in Bluetooth applications. In fact, in addition to the networking function, the Bluetooth sill function is also very powerful. For example, the ble function can achieve a connection distance of more than 1km outdoors, that is to say, through This technology can easily achieve precise positioning, such as finding small pets, if you use ble technology indoors, you can also achieve accurate positioning to the centimeter level.

When it comes to Bluetooth networking, multiple connected speakers can achieve two today. Connect each other to form left and right channels, then in fact Bluetooth can form multiple interconnections, but there is currently no very mature and stable technology, and it is expected that multiple interconnection functions will be realized in 2020.

According to reports, both Chinese chip suppliers and foreign chip suppliers are moving towards Bluetooth multipoint interconnection. As Aite Mingke Technology, which is very serious in technology and development in China, it has begun to carry out multiple interconnections.it should be said that let us see the beautiful use scenarios of multiple interconnections of the Bluetooth product speaker series.In the outdoor environment in the future, you can even use two or more connected Bluetooth speakers. possible to communicate with each other over long distances, for example, functions like walkie-talkies will be derived.

The future development of Bluetooth audio needs to determine the direction of development and avoid the categories involved in Internet companies. A Bluetooth audio brand needs to make its own unique products with its own style and precise positioning in order to get users to use products to get users' love, speak with quality, and spread with word of mouth.