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Everyone knows that WIFI is convenient. Why is the mainstream Bluetooth speakers?

In 2010, the mobile audio device that stood out in the audio market was silent for a long time. The development of mobile audio equipment has changed to adapt to the market. With wireless technology, people have more options to listen to songs, from wired to Bluetooth, so Bluetooth speakers are really unrealistic to the mass consumer. What is a Bluetooth speaker?

For most people, when bored, they will choose to listen to songs, watch movies and play games. Time easily passes. According to the survey, people use mobile phones. For example, listening to music requires mobile phones and the Bluetooth headset or protocol has been expanded to more than 4.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 has also been widely used. (ps: Bluetooth Speakers should pay attention to its Bluetooth version. People lower than version 4.0 do not need to consider, because the lower version may not guarantee good battery life and signal transmission. Review Bluetooth speaker of Bluetooth 5.0 version .. Bluetooth mobile device is being updated to 5.0, Bluetooth version of lo a matches the Bluetooth version of the connected device.)

Bluetooth speakers have become the favorite of athletes. Bluetooth speakers can meet the needs of users for outdoor sports such as horse riding, climbing and camping. Use to listen to music? Then you will see that some Bluetooth speakers can almost answer the phone and also charge the treasure function.The Bluetooth speaker allows people to release their hands and answer calls easily. use their mobile phone more than once a day When the phone runs out, try using the Bluetooth speaker to charge the mobile phone There are a number of dedicated outdoor Bluetooth speakers that support stock charging function Due to the large battery capacity, they can charge the phone at any time

Now that the Internet is well connected, there are lots of online learning applications, Bluetooth speakers can be used as external speakers, more used for early childhood education, lots of songs, poems and old stories. for kids Currently, many Bluetooth speakers support card playback, even without a mobile phone, you can stream audio files in the storage card.

Older people are now more likely to take Bluetooth speakers outside, play music in their open areas Or say, is a talent of, through, through, through another talent, through keeping, through another talentcommunity or park, and the body dances to music. This is also our general aunt square dance, people can exercise together.

Bluetooth speakers have too many advantages, such as wireless connectivity and convenience.

First of all, Bluetooth and WiFi both use 2.4g transmissions for a long and long time. Until recently, these two WiFis started using 5.8g transmissions, then WiFi is really better than Bluetooth in the road Bluetooth speaker is solely responsible The fixed coverage of WiFi coverage can only be used in a specific home or WiFi environment, and the Bluetooth speaker can be moved with a Bluetooth enabled device, a The number of speakers is mobile phones, tablets, etc., can be used outdoors, so Bluetooth speakers can carry more scalable.

In terms of audio performance, due to the higher WiFi bandwidth, WiFi's transmission is relatively stronger. It seems that the audio performance is better than Bluetooth. It's the same. Why is it the same?

Most or most of the song content of major online platforms is now in mp3 format and the compression ratio is almost at the same level, so the sampling rate is 320k. Of course, most of the Of course, some of the compression is stronger and the efficiency of streaming is not so ideal, so in terms of compression ratio, whether WiFi or Bluetooth, it can transmit very close. Music quality, so in fact, except for music with extremely high compression quality, such as WC, almost the bandwidth of Bluetooth and WiFi music transmission can be satisfied.

In addition, the Bluetooth version is getting higher and higher, the smart and Bluetooth functions of Bluetooth are getting more and more powerful. Some say that Bluetooth, most high-end product lines or major brands Use Bluetooth Dual mode, using the ble technology The Ble technology is able to transmit over long distances in extremely small destinations.In this way, today's Bluetooth products can recognize two or more connections and not Lost WiFi in application situations.