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Eight trends affecting the Bluetooth audio industry in recent years

With the development of Bluetooth audio, our pursuit of Bluetooth speakers is more portable, the pursuit of sound quality experience, personality and fashion are obvious trends, and we are used to finding differentiation in the mature market of Bluetooth speakers. In recent years, the following factors have influenced the Bluetooth audio market tension:

1. The proportion of online purchases by the government, enterprises and institutions has increased year by year, and the online shopping enthusiasm of SMEs (including individuals) has increased. A large number of traditional offline audio dealers and engineering companies have gradually changed or disappeared, affecting the change in the Bluetooth audio demand market.

2. Due to the increasing demand for offline services due to the growth of online sales, countless traditional dealers and professional engineers will be transformed into local offline service providers or branches. The loss of R & D engineers has made Bluetooth audio research and development updates Unexpectedly encountered.

3. Professional conferences, stage performances, home entertainment and other audio equipment will be miniaturized, integrated, mobile, intelligent, Bluetooth audio equipment operation becomes more and more simple, generally can be solved from the instruction manual or telephone contact, users do not The on-site service of professional technicians is inevitable.

4. The reshuffle of the professional audio market is accelerating. In addition to many cross-industry (such as lighting, furniture, video, culture, technology, etc.) cooperative companies, a large number of factories without technology, no brand, and light marketing will withdraw from the market The influence of the brand on the company covers a large part of the factors.

5. A large number of small and medium-sized e-commerce audio companies have closed down due to the end of the traditional e-commerce dividend period, and will be replaced by a new model of cooperation between content e-commerce and offline service providers.

6. The market for traditional KTV, bars, and nightclubs continues to shrink. The demand for audio markets for smart applications, education, entertainment, conferences, and other scenarios will continue to increase. Traditional speakers are not in the mainstream market, and Bluetooth smart speakers are more popular with consumers.

7. Smart speakers will continue to grow, but only a few big brands with data and content will remain in the consumer field, and consumers value brand reputation.

8. Smart speakers will become the control center or entrance in some intelligent use scenarios, replacing the market with a huge market.

Through observation, we found that Bluetooth headsets exhibit the characteristics of full bloom. Wireless sports headsets, active noise reduction headsets, true wireless headsets (noise reduction beans), bone conduction headsets, and e-sports headsets are all popular.

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