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Volume control is an art

Emily 2021-02-03 15:09:40
Volume control is an art, and the volume is large enough to affect whether the outdoor stereo speakers are pretty or not.
Why are outdoor stereo speakers not good? There are actually many reasons for this problem, and it’s because there are too many. If you don’t even figure it out, I think it’s harder for others to discover the cause for you. The reason why outdoor stereo speakers is not good may be that the quality of the equipment you bought is not as good as you want, so it is not good; it may also be that the matching is not appropriate, so it is not good; of course, it is more likely that the outdoor stereo speaker are not properly placed, so they are not good... It is absolutely true, and it must have its unpleasant factors.
Here, I want to put aside the other, just mentioning two ordinary people are easy to ignore, and will not carefully consider the reasons. Perhaps the reason for the bad sound on the house is that simple. It is clearly in front of you, but when you listen to the outdoor stereo speaker every day, you turn a blind eye to it, and you are desperately digging into the horns. What are these two reasons? In fact, it is a big reason, that is, "Did your outdoor stereo speaker drive too loudly?" This big reason turns into two small reasons: outdoor stereo speakers can't carry too much volume; the space is also Cannot load too much volume.
The volume is too loud without knowing it.
Most people have a misunderstanding, thinking that as long as they are outdoor stereo speakers, they can sing as loudly as they like. Outdoor stereo speakers should be able to sing well regardless of loudness. In fact,outdoor stereo speakers have their limits in terms of the loudest and smallest sounds. In terms of electronics, the amplifier should amplify the signal obtained from the sound source without distortion. The speaker is a kind of audio electric power signal in the audible range, through the transducer, it is converted into audible sound with sufficient sound pressure level. In order to correctly choose a good outdoor stereo speaker, you must first understand the properties of the sound signal, and then require the outdoor stereo speaker to restore the audio electrical signal into a realistic and natural sound in an "original" manner. Therefore, adjusting the volume appropriately so that most of the music played is an undistorted signal, which is a necessary condition for you to hear the beautiful sound. Therefore, the correct volume adjustment is very important.

outdoor stereo speaker
Why can't the volume be turned up too loudly? There are two reasons: one is that the amplifier and outdoor stereo speaker may have long been unable to withstand the loudness and produce serious distortion, which is what we call the input signal is cut; the second is that the listening space cannot withstand such loudness. The distortion of the amplifier is easy to understand. It is because it does not have enough power, but it is required to use up its power for feeding, and of course it is paralyzed there. As for the outdoor stereo speaker, this is what I want to say. Generally, the power (or volume) that each outdoor stereo speaker can withstand has its limits. If it is within its capacity, it can emit a very pleasant sound with very low distortion. However, once the volume exceeds its own load, it will produce serious distortion. Once the speaker unit is distorted, the sound from it will be harsh and unpleasant.