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Why do my high end speakers not sound good?

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-02-01

Why do my high end speakers not sound good? It’s nice to hear clearly on the manufacturer’s side

Why do my high end speakers not sound good? It sounds very nice on the manufacturer's side, why is it different after buying it home. In fact, if you want to play high end speakers, you can’t just focus on adjusting a certain link while neglecting the influence of other factors. In addition to the proper matching of equipment, a good listening environment, careful adjustment and correct use are required to achieve the goal.

I believe that most enthusiasts understand these principles, but there are not many friends who can fully play with them. In terms of equipment use alone, many enthusiasts don’t know much about the performance of their equipment, and they often lose their voices due to improper use. The reason was attributed to some equipment, as a result "playing" high end speakers became constantly "changing" high end speakers.

Proper volume is a necessary condition to ensure beautiful sound

In fact, whether the sound is beautiful or not has a great relationship with the correct operation and adjustment. Many friends listen at the same volume no matter what music they are listening to. They think that the sound recording is naturally beautiful when it is played. What's more, they think that loud sound is beautiful sound, so whether they listen to symphony or single instrument performance, they all use the same sound. Listen to the volume, the result is that the volume of the violin is comparable to the cello. The high pitch of the guitar is like a grand piano, and the bass part is like a drum. When you frown and feel bored, they are proud of the performance of the above-mentioned voices, telling how dynamic his system is, how well the singer is breathtaking, and how detailed the recording is... Wait, sometimes I don't know how to tell him.

 high end speakers

Why do these friends listen to music like this?

This is purely because they rarely go to real concerts. I mean orthodox live concerts, like large-scale orchestral performances in the two halls. After listening to a symphony orchestra played in the same concert hall, the volume of a single instrument and the sound of a real instrument, they can understand what is called a ratio, and they can truly understand the volume and loudness of a single instrument. .

In addition to listening to live music, the other most direct way to understand the sound and volume of an instrument is to listen to some real-life performances that don’t require an amplifier system, or simply buy an instrument and come back and "practice it yourself". Then when you go to listen to canned music on CD At the same time, you will not adjust the volume without any rules. Not only will the sound be distorted, the instrument will be deformed, and your ears will suffer. As time goes by, your hearing may also be damaged! The highest technique of volume control and the best performance of high end speakers, of course, is to be able to express the volume of an orchestra, a single instrument or a real person singing in an authentic way!

This is the 1:1 volume that some Hi-Fi friends pursue day and night, that is, the volume of the same proportion and the stereo sound field of the same size. They hope to move the whole symphony orchestra home for live performances! Therefore, the philharmonics who often go to the two halls to listen to live performances, their overall volume control is always more correct than those who rarely listen to live performances. If you have strings, wind, and keyboard instruments in your home, you may use them to adjust the volume. Adjust the volume appropriately so that the performance of the instrument played by the listening speaker is similar to the actual instrument performance. Your speakers can be called high end speakers.

high end speakers