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Should the Mini Portable Speaker be turned up loud?

2021-02-05 09:54:51
The portable speaker with usb port has a distortion limit, so it cannot be loud.
Here are a few examples to prove: First, if you feel the sound is unpleasant and harsh, turn down the volume, usually it is no longer unpleasant; second, the general bedside mini portable speaker, if you listen at a certain volume , I often find that it sounds better than my own large portable speaker with usb port! Of course, the sound is completely out of shape after you turn it on loudly; third, if your car has good sound insulation, you will often have good sound performance when listening to music at a moderate volume in the car. From the above several examples that can be obtained in daily life, the importance of "appropriate volume" can be fully verified. Unfortunately, most people often overestimate their portable speaker with usb port group combination, thinking that a mini portable speaker bought at such an expensive price must be able to emit a very large volume. In fact, no matter how much you spend to buy a portable speaker with usb port, a mini portable speaker is a mini portable speaker, and the volume it can emit is limited. Even if your portable speaker with usb port unit is better than normal, it just adds a little volume capacity.

Use tenor and violin to test the volume.
How to use portable speaker with usb port correctly to make them emit proper volume without distortion? It's simple, just listen with your ears. Here I propose two sounds to test, one is the human voice and the other is the violin. Let's talk about human voice first, which is the most difficult musical instrument to express, and it is also the biggest test of general portable speaker with usb port unit, especially tenor and soprano. Please take a tenor record to listen to it. You can only turn the volume up to the point where the tenor sings so strongly that it doesn't sound "unpleasant". If it starts to feel bad, it has already exceeded the load of the portable speaker with usb port. How loud is the volume of the unpleasant boundary of the portable speaker with usb port? I don't know, some portable speakers with usb port can sing louder, some can only sing quietly. In the end, you may suddenly find out, why my portable speaker with usb port can only sing so quietly? No matter how loud it is, it will start to sound bad. Don't doubt, the portable speaker with usb port unit is not a superman, it cannot be driven unlimitedly without distortion.
How serious is the distortion of the portable speaker with usb port unit when overloaded? If it is not an engineer, we may not know, because the portable speaker with usb port narrative book never lists the distortion figure of the mini portable speaker. However, because the distortion of the amplifier is very low, even if the distortion number is listed, everyone will not pay attention to it. After the vocals are tried, let's try again with the violin. You don't need to use a concerto, just use a violin sonata. There is only one violin and one piano, which can be heard more clearly. It should be noted that when you feel that the sound of the violin starts to tighten, scratch, and become sharp, there is the limit. At this time, you should lower the volume a little bit until the sound of the violin does not sound tight, and the sweet sound of the piano can Until it appears, there is the most appropriate volume.
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To have a huge volume, a huge unit group is necessary.

Perhaps you will be disappointed when you adjust the volume according to the essentials, because such a small volume cannot satisfy your hearing. Yes, the reality is very cruel. Otherwise, why would there be multi-unit four-piece large portable speaker with usb port and large-caliber units. Portable speaker with usb port design engineers are well aware of the limitations of the portable speaker with usb port unit. Therefore, in order to present a huge volume without distortion, they must use dozens of small units or a small number of large-diameter units to allow each A unit only emits the most appropriate volume. Think about it, the relaxed, natural and huge sound presented by dozens of undistorted units can be comparable to a mini portable speaker with a high pitch and a mid-bass unit!

But then again, if the overall sound effect of the big speaker can be expressed, it needs to be listened at the appropriate volume in a larger listening room to have a good sound, and our general living room is only a small space, and we want to put a large portable Speaker with usb port, it’s more practical to put a pair of bookshelf speakers, because the space is small and the large portable speaker with usb port has a vague sound and no dynamic details. The volume is too loud and we are afraid of noisy neighbors, so we can only restart Consider how to make the bookshelf speaker emit the best sound. Therefore, no matter what portable speaker with usb port you use, understand the limit of your portable speaker with usb port and control its volume in the most appropriate situation. This is the biggest secret to make your portable speaker with usb port sound not unpleasant. . Have you found that listening to the portable speaker with usb port late at night is particularly good? In addition to the possible reasons for sufficient power supply, the reduction of external noise, which makes the volume relatively low (already felt enough) may also be one of the important factors.

The listening space cannot load too much volume.

The listening space is not a portable speaker with usb port or an amplifier. Why is there a load problem? Of course there is! And it is also a problem that most people easily ignore. In fact, the volume load of the listening space is the sound reflection load of the six walls in the space. In North America, most rooms are partitioned by wood panels and gypsum boards, and there are interlayers between the panels. This is a standard soft-tuned space. A space like this can absorb a lot of sound energy, which means that its sound load is great. Whether it is high-frequency, mid-frequency or low-frequency, such a space can be absorbed.

On the other hand, listening spaces in Taiwan are made of brick walls or cement-grouted six-sided walls. The sound energy that such a hard wall can absorb is naturally incomparable with soft-tone spaces. One is absorption, while the other is mostly reflection; the absorption of soft-tuned space may sometimes make the low-frequency sense insufficient, but most of it can make the high-frequency smooth; while the low-frequency of the hard-tuned space will not escape (and increase), But it is also easy to be harsh because of high-frequency reflections. To weigh the pros and cons, I tend to have a soft-tuning space for portable speaker with usb port fans, because such a space has a larger load on the volume and will not make you feel noisy and harsh.

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