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Apple in AR and bullish on the technology investment prospects

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2016-07-27

According to media reports, in apple's earnings analyst meeting today, Tim cook, took some time to discuss the augmented reality (AR).Apple at present in the technology does not have any exciting hardware or software, so listen to cook, to talk about this topic some surprise.(Custom bluetooth speaker

About Apple Pay the business value of the subject, Tim cook is set in the Pokémon Go mobile gaming of AR.If you live in a huge little dragon, you won't have the fun of playing a game, but the Pokémon Gois different from a lot of mobile phone games, because it is the Pokécoin cartoon image grafted onto any real object in front of you, use your mobile device's camera.As a result, it looks like the cartoon characters exist in real life, you just need to catch them.(Custom bluetooth speaker)

Using AR technology, you can use the Apple authorized payment Pay to buy things such as Pokécoin.Cook said: "in terms of AR and Pokécoin phenomenon, all incredible. This proves that the application and innovation happen an entire ecosystem, and developers can press a button, and provide products around the world. The developers choose not to move towards the world, because they are the pressure of the server, because the request. But I'm sure they will in the future.(Custom bluetooth speaker)

Cook said: "as you pointed out, which shows that the AR can be a very good technology, we have, and continue to a large amount of investment. We hope for AR future long-term development is very high, we think that is a good thing to customers, have a good business opportunities, so we will invest. First of all to ensure that the products of our products with other developers, such as Pokécoin very good compatibility, therefore this is what you see so many iPhone pursue such as Pokécoin.(Custom bluetooth speaker)

The calculation in the future the question of whether in the long term will shift to AR.He said: "I know that somebody wants to call it a new computer platform, and we will see, I think, the industry has a tendency to like any new things will be the next computer platforms. However, even so but I think the AR is a huge area, so we will see if I can be the next platform, but anyway, it will be a huge market."(Custom bluetooth speaker)

Although it is fairly common and common in the technology industry, but cook's statement suggested that apple does not see the trend of the AR.In view of the fact that apple's competitors are doing - Microsoft launched HoloLens helmet, Google has a Tango platform, this is meaningful.To be sure, apple has been on the increase in r&d spending.Chris OBrien, points out that apple in r&d investment in the first nine months of this year increased by 27.8%.

Cook for analysts said today: "quite a lot of investment is not in the current delivery of products and services, or the current shipment derivatives of products and services."The broad statement may be considered to be hype but never confirmed apple car project, may be for some AR technology.In addition, apple has made acquisitions: in the field of AR is Metaio last year, this year's Flyby Media.(Custom bluetooth speaker)

The financial times reported the news about Flyby, saying that apple had hundreds of people in the development of virtual reality (VR) technology.Today's comments can't guarantee that apple will launch AR function, but at least apple CEO proved the company invested in this respect.(Custom bluetooth speaker)