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USB speaker noise how to eliminate

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-12-19 17:05:13

Why some USB speakers noise?

USB is a two-way design with data and power lines. USB speaker is surrounded by problems such as noise / RMI / EFI, which can continue to have a negative impact on playback quality.

The USB organization defines an Audio Class specifically for audio transmission using the endpoint type "Synchronous Audio Endpoint", which corresponds specifically to the Isochronous Transfers transmission mode, which is characterized by "low latency, error Tolerance, not retransmission. " In other words, the use of audio-type transmission when the USB is allowed to go wrong, so there will be a digital signal anti-jamming needs.

In addition, USB synchronization and asynchronous transfer. USB speakers using synchronous transmission is really associated with the Jitter, because the USB protocol will send a SOF (start frame) synchronization of each sample package, and the receiver (such as USB DAC chip) need to be synchronized according to the start frame, In other words, the transmission of the synchronization signal is transmitted from the USB host, which is very relevant with the time, if the Jitter is too large, the data received on the wrong, USB protocol allows Jitter plus or minus 1 audio sample rate. In other words, the greater the flow of audio data, the higher the requirements of the Jitter. The iSilencer 3.0 not only solved the problem of USB on the Jitter requirements, but also reduce the USB speaker due to power supply caused by noise.

ISilencer3.0 Features:

1, effective noise reduction technology

Reduce data jitter

3, re-smoothing the USB (USB speaker) signal

4, optimized transmission, USB2.0 upgrade, with up to 40dB or 100 times noise cancelling / RFI / EM.

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