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Good headphones has the following characteristics

  • Author:Emily
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2016-12-16

Consumers in the evaluation of headphone sound quality but also rely on to listen to a sense of good headphones sound sense of hearing has the following characteristics:
1. Sound at the end of pure, without any unpleasant "hiss", "Om", "coax" sound.
2. A sense of balance is good, sound never too bright or too dark, high-frequency low-frequency energy distribution, the integration between the natural smooth, no abrupt and burr.
3. High-frequency extension of a good, delicate and supple.
4. Low frequency dive deep, clean and full, flexible and intensity, without any fat, slow feeling.
5. IF distortion is very small, transparent and warm, warm voice of nature, a thickness, magnetic, not exaggerated dental and nasal.
6. Resolution is good, rich in detail, a small signal can also be a clear replay.
7. A good sound field characterization, sound field open, accurate and stable instrument positioning, sound field, there is sufficient information, there is no empty feeling.
8 dynamic no obvious compression, has a good sense of speed, large volume distortion or distortion is not very small. Such a good headphone can be more perfect playback of any type of music, a good degree of truth and music, long-term use will not cause fatigue, can make the listener immersed in music.
Listening is also a subjective, different people listen to feel there are differences. The sound quality of a good headphonewith different people according to their own preferences will be very different evaluation. Young people prefer the world's best music bass heavy good headphones will be more popular among young people, the elderly prefer soft music clear voice good headphones more popular with the elderly.

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