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UPS delivery using UAV

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com/
  • Release Date:2016-09-24

This year's UAV technology has greatly improved, from military to civilian development now, and after slowly will be closely associated with public life.(speaker factory)

According to US media reports, the US Federal Courier Service (UPS) has announced the successful use of UAVs to an island in Boston offshore shipping medicines, he joined with Amazon and other rivals in the United States to test delivery drones ranks. The UAV delivery is carried out on Thursday, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles from UPS shares UAV manufacturer CyPhy Works, is transported sprays.(speaker factory)

The trial opened UPS UAV remote areas or inaccessible areas of commercial shipping more extensive testing. UPS vice president in charge of industrial engineering • Chuck Holland indicates: "UPS has a traditional focus on development of new technologies, we are looking at every step of the development of unmanned aerial vehicles." But he declined to say whether it will one day wider use of UAVs. UPS testing is from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to implement new legislation in late August, after allowing enterprises to use a small unmanned aerial vehicles, for the first time in the United States through the important commercial shipping UAV.(speaker factory)

UPS is a member of the UAV FAA Advisory Board. CyPhy Works co-founder and chief technologist Helen Greiner • sodium said: "Now we do not need to apply through the red tape to obtain FAA special approval to conduct commercial operations." Last year, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, through its investment to a CyPhy pen an undisclosed amount of money.(speaker factory)

In addition to UPS outside, including Amazon, Google and other companies are actively deployed UAV technology. At the end of 2013 Amazon launched UAV delivery plan, and has been lobbying the government to take faster action. Amazon in July reached an agreement with the British government to begin shipping in the UK test unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs UK regulators of the United States no less stringent. The Google Alphabet parent company in early September said it plans to use unmanned aerial vehicles transporting burritos at Virginia Tech University.(speaker factory)

Deutsche Post DHL is also testing unmanned aircraft delivery, including a German North Sea island to transport drugs. The traditional courier companies are generally more skeptical of the possibility of UAV parcels. Federal Express (FedEx) • The CEO Fred Smith expressed: "FedEx and UPS are two huge shipping small packages and cargo transport network." Branded its logo in brown and white UAV from UPS Beverly, Massachusetts, takeoff, transporting a 2-pound package.(speaker factory

Drone flew over the water three miles to a nearby island and landed on the grass. UAV flight is automatic, there is no manipulation, to simulate the delivery of emergency medical supplies. One motivation for UPS UAV technology investment is the company's labor costs higher than FedEx, because its drivers, parcel pick workers and other workers not to unionize. However, the widespread use of unmanned technology may make the relationship with the Teamsters Teamsters complicated.(speaker factory)

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