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Apple Google Microsoft fonts Adobe join forces to solve the problem

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-09-23 17:53:13

Font display issue raises a number of issues. For example, show good font on Chromebook laptop will be very significant bloated, and in the Nexus 6 will be very uneven shades on your Mac.

The latest variable font technology through real-time adjustments to effectively address this issue, so that the reality of the effect of the text on a variety of platforms and devices are able to look good. This technique also saves space, providing a plurality of font styles in a single file.

Now Apple, Google, Microsoft, Adobe is working to study. This week four digital printing four platforms to launch a variable font technology. Adobe Typekit and Adobe Type head • Tim Brown pointed out that "a few centuries, what we do is static. And now we have the results of the design, its interior incorporates a typo like the brain can make adjustments automatically depending on the environment in which the text more attractive. "

It depends on the existing font file for each font. Exchange font files required, italics also needs its own file, Roman still needs its own font file. If you want to show each font on the page or application, you need all the font files. You add more files, it will consume more bandwidth, which is why there are many sites to load fonts speed will be very slow.

While the variable font is essentially a series of fonts are included in a single file. Its working principle is to use one or more axes to change the font style, by this point can change the style along any text, in a font file can be created numerous fonts.

For a designer, he can be variable according to a given font devices, applications are free and creative ideal style. These documents than the traditional 70% smaller font file. • Microsoft's Peter Constab said that traditional word has light, emilight, regular, semibold and bold five kinds of file size of about 656KB. In contrast, variable font file size has only 199KB. Smaller files for faster loading speed and shorter rendering time.

In developing countries, WiFi and 2G mobile networks is a scarce resource, faster page load speed can save time and money. Even if you have unlimited data traffic, variable fonts can improve the user experience.

We look forward to a successful variable font technology, because it is consistent with consumer demand. Fontlab CEO Thomas Phinney said that the existing font technology does not work across platforms. The new technology will be countless.

Developers announced last week the corresponding Quickspecs variable font technology, now there is more work to be done. Designers need to figure out which font to use this technology to better effect, and the browser also needs to be compatible with this technology.

Four digital printing platforms have their high hopes. Google hopes to integrate it into the Chrome browser and ASAP. And Adobe will be released in the end of this month variable font update patch. Microsoft said that next year will support variable fonts in all products. For Fini and other designers, looking forward to the day variable font will be everywhere.

After the success of this technology is not all platforms display fonts can be common, let's wait and see the arrival of this day.