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The principle of Fever acoustics lies in the interpretation of music

Emily 2021-04-24 11:34:17

The same performance, the same portable karaoke speaker device, so the two recordings should sound very close? Completely opposite, the two recordings sound like two different performances, and both sound the same as just performed. The live music performances are different. Andrew Jones immediately played the close-range microphone and the computer-edited and mixed version. Indeed, it does not sound like a live performance on stage.

For those portable karaoke speaker fans who think that the portable karaoke speaker system is to reproduce the scene, this is undoubtedly bad news. If even the people involved in the scene don’t think that the sounds recorded by two first-class sound engineers look like the scene; if the sounds recorded by two first-class sound engineers for the same performance sound so different; then, the standard of a portable karaoke speaker Where is it? Andrew Jones' view is that only the sound engineer knows the standard. Therefore, like TAD, a speaker manufacturer that works closely with the sound engineer can know what the real standard is, and then make the real sound that is closest to the standard.

Karajan also changed the recording balance a lot

But I think things are not just that simple. There are hundreds of sound engineers, and most sound engineers do not use Hi-End portable karaoke speaker as a listening tool. So, do we all buy portable karaoke speaker equipment from sound engineers, and the results will be the closest to the standard? I have heard a lot of equipment used in recording studios, and I think the answer is no. Certain Hi-End portable karaoke speaker equipment is indeed designed and manufactured with a lofty sound goal. Therefore, their prices are extremely high, so high that recording staff can't buy them. The designers of these sky-high-priced equipment are not recording workers. How can they know where the sound standards are?

Top recording workers know that sound playback is just an illusion. What they have to do is to make this illusion like live music to reach the purpose of moving the listener. I have watched Karajan's documentary (The Second Life), which clearly records his process of changing the balance of various voices without authorization to achieve what music should be like in his mind. In Karajan's later records, the record can be said to be another kind of performance of his. Through the adjustment of the mixer, Karajan makes the record listeners feel as moved as listening to live music. Do you say that this is a wrong post-production intervention? But when we are on the scene, our eyes and ears work at the same time, which will make our brains automatically receive and emphasize the sounds of certain musical instruments. When listening to a record at home, due to the lack of visual emphasis, using a mixer to moderately emphasize the sound intensity of certain instruments can make the listener feel more moved like listening to music on the spot.

There are also many music critics criticizing Karajan for making records like this, which is suspected of cheating at all. However, Ka Lao's records swept the market, and generally the faithful collection of orchestral records are difficult to achieve such an achievement. Does it also prove that the appropriate post-production adjustments will allow everyone to appreciate the magic of music?

portable karaoke speaker

Standards exist in all records

As for what is the standard? I think the standard is like the Tao in the mouth of Lao Tzu. "Dao can be Tao, very Tao", the standard is like Tao, Tao exists among all things, and the standard of a portable karaoke speaker exists between each record. If the standard can be easily understood, then the portable karaoke speaker The road will not be so rugged, and many people suffer greatly.

My own experience is: The standard of a portable karaoke speaker lies in the interpretation of music. You know, apart from the popular fever records in the portable karaoke speaker world, there is only one reason why any record will be released, and that is because the production team thinks this performance is really great, and listening to it will make people feel musically. In other words, if you listen to most good concerts and feel nothing touched, it means that the portable karaoke speaker has deviated from the standard very far. Among portable karaoke speaker fans, there are many who think that advanced portable karaoke speakers should only play audiophiles to show their superb sound effects. Regarding general commercial music distribution as nothing, it seems to me that they are crazy.

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to adhere to this standard. Fever films are like portable karaoke speaker drugs. Their sound effects can easily make portable karaoke speaker fans increase their heartbeat and blood pressure. They will soon fall into the addictive stage and can no longer return to ordinary records. But also like drugs, fever films do not help our body, mind, and soul. Instead, they keep us away from the real good music, achieve satisfaction in the senses, and eternal emptiness in the soul.

Sound effects are easy, music is hard

On the contrary, ordinary records do not have exciting sound effects, but they have moving music. It must be a better system to be able to impress people with the beauty of music without the stimulation of sound effects. Please think about the content of our music performance in the concert hall. What really moved us? Is it the exciting sound effects? Or the beauty of music? If we can be moved by the beauty of live music, then we should also be able to be played back by the portable karaoke speaker Touched by the beauty of the music, that is the highest state of being "on the spot."

But will it be that a system that can express the beauty of music is not as good as others in terms of sound effects? No, my experience is that sound effects are relatively simple things. Generally, portable karaoke speaker systems can show exaggerated sound effects, but music performance It requires profound adjustments to achieve. However, in those portable karaoke speaker systems that can reproduce the beauty of music, if you play records that purely show sound effects, we will immediately discover the lack and emptiness of the musical connotation in these records. Over time, naturally stay away from these portable karaoke speaker drugs, and let the world of portable karaoke speaker remain only in the beauty of those great music.

Friends who have read this column before should know that I once proposed that "performance" is the real standard. The portable karaoke speaker system that can help you appreciate the brilliance of various music performances must be the portable karaoke speaker system that is "closer to the standard". Please remember that there is no 100% correct portable karaoke speaker system in the world. But we should move towards the goal of "being able to interpret music more realistically," because that is the standard that has been included in the record and remains unchanged forever.

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