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Little secrets that many audiophiles don't know about the amp

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-04-27

Some s have a low level of sound source. Under such a premise, the role of the amp will be significantly reduced. The so-called clever woman is hard to cook without rice. The importance of the sound source in the entire system is obvious. There is also a big gap between civilian sound cards and walkmans and entry-level desktop CDs.

The wireless bluetooth headphone system is similar to the speaker system. It must be considered from the perspective of the entire system. Only by catching the thinnest link can it be improved with a smaller investment. The combination of a civilian sound card or a walkman to deploy an amp is thought to be only a temporary transition method, because the sound source will restrict the overall effect. So before considering whether you need an amp, let's take a look at your wireless bluetooth headphone sound source.

What kind of s need amp

Some people always put forward the idea that amps are useful or useless in abstract terms. In fact, different wireless bluetooth headphones have different requirements for amps. For low-end wireless bluetooth headphones, amps are generally not needed, and walkmans and sound cards are used directly. These wireless bluetooth headphones are of limited quality. Although there are certain improvements when paired with consoles and amps, it is of little significance. Most of the wireless bluetooth headphones that "demand amp" are medium and high quality. Some s may have delicate high frequencies and good extension, but correspondingly, they simply present the shortcomings of fat and slow low frequencies. They can be manipulated by an amp to make the low frequency layered and flexible.

wireless bluetooth headphone

The  output of civilian sound cards and walkmans, CD players, and power amplifiers are actually simple amps. The first two are not limited by the sound source itself. The  output of the CD player is also an attached function. The thrust is limited and the effect is unsatisfactory.

In addition, although some s have low requirements for amps, they can also produce decent sound by relying on sound cards. However, if you want to fully display the nature of s, you still have to rely on amps. Different people's sense of hearing requires different people to have different sensitivity to sound, so naturally they have different requirements for devices. Different people have different sensitivity to sound, so there are the terms "golden ears" and "mud ears". Some people do not respond strongly to sound, so the requirements for devices are not very high. But we can't use the insensitive ear as a criterion to choose devices, because the sense of hearing will continue to improve. The importance of ear placement in the entire system does not actually require "golden ears" to understand, as long as there is a contrast experience, a significant difference can be felt. Looking for opportunities to listen to better arrangements can also gradually improve the sensitivity of listening. Still that sentence, whether you need an amp or not depends on the system. If you have medium and high-quality wireless bluetooth headphones without amp, it is a waste of wireless bluetooth headphone resources and not effective.

Not an amp can be applied to alls, it is impossible for the amp to be 100% distortion-free and sound dyed. You can only get as close to this goal as you can. The closer you get, the higher the price you pay. The nature of the headset is not that the frequency response is completely flat and without distortion. There are also different styles of headsets, which satisfy people's different favorites. Therefore, under the premise of pushing sound, how to make the wireless bluetooth headphone give full play to its own characteristics while partially compensating for its shortcomings is an important function of the amp.

Some opinions are quite correct. A bad amp is not as good as no one. An additional source of pollution will degrade the sound quality. For example, the  output of some combination audio and power amplifiers (all count as built-in amps), mostly with volume but no sound quality, can only temporarily satisfy the requirements of listening to "loud".

The fidelity of the amp is the fidelity under the premise of expansion, otherwise it is not called a  amplifier. Without this expansion, many s are operated under the condition of "not having enough food", which will affect their performance. It's not the amp to create the sound. The function of the amp is not to "improve the sound quality", but to allow the wireless bluetooth headphone to reflect its true tone under full drive.

wireless bluetooth headphone