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The difference between open and closed bluetooth sports headphones

Emily 2020-09-02 10:01:04

The effects of listening to music with various modes of bluetooth sports headphones are also very different, but there are also many types of bluetooth sports headphones. For example, according to the degree of openness, earphones can be divided into three types: open, semi-open and closed. So what is the difference between open headphonephones and closed bluetooth sports headphones?

About open earphones

Both the inside and outside of the open earphone sound unit are in communication with the outside world, and users can hear outside sounds, and people outside can also hear some sounds from the earphones. The sound of open earphones is generally more natural, with a wide sound field, a loose sound and a relaxed listening experience. However, the low frequency has poor elasticity and is also susceptible to external influences.

bluetooth sports headphones

About closed bluetooth sports headphones

The closed type means that the inner and outer sides of the sound unit are not communicated with the outside. The unit is in a closed cavity, and the bluetooth sports headphones pad is also made of soundproof materials. Closed earphones can isolate part of the external noise, and other people will not hear the sound coming from the earphones. However, the listening feeling of closed headphones is not as relaxed as the open style, and the sound field is not as wide as the open style, and it also has a somewhat false feeling. However, closed bluetooth sports headphones have a strong sense of sound envelopment and better low frequency flexibility, which may be more suitable for listening to some popular music.

To sum up

The open sound is more natural, which is why so many high-end bluetooth sports headphones are the choice, and the closed bluetooth sports headphones are functional. In order to listen to music better in noisy environments, the closed type will have a difference in sound quality depending on the workmanship. So in terms of my personal preferences and use environment, I may prefer open earphones. I like the very natural feeling. When you are often in a noisy environment, or like to be immersed in that kind of enjoyment, you don’t want to be disturbed by the outside world. Then closed earphones will be your best choice.

bluetooth sports headphones