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How to accurately judge the quality of Bluetooth speaker audio equipment?

As the most important wireless audio product that consumers are exposed to, Bluetooth speakers actually have very sophisticated and rigorous knowledge inside. From materials at the physical level, single horn, dual unit, multi-unit, composite cavity, and catheter diffraction technology, to sound adjustment at the software level, EQ optimization built into the DSP, and even different choices derived from different positioning at the functional level .

1.Function and adjustment level: on request

1). Function: A good Bluetooth speaker needs to have multiple function points to meet the user's various application scenarios


2).Bluetooth version: The current Bluetooth version is mostly 3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2. It is recommended to buy Bluetooth speakers with Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. 4.0 or higher supports low-power connection. It is more cost-effective for Bluetooth speakers and mobile phones. The 4.0 Bluetooth transmission signal is more stable, the frequency is faster and wider, and it can transmit more audio signals.

3). Bluetooth connection: The stability of the Bluetooth wireless connection stems from whether the manufacturer pays attention to signal optimization during the ID research and development process, whether it takes into account the shielding of electrical signals (to avoid affecting the power amplifier circuit), and even a good Bluetooth speaker uses an all-metal appearance.

2. The shape and sound quality of speakers

Traditional multimedia cable audio emphasizes multi-channel 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, etc., which needs to be matched with power amplifier, decoration wiring and even complex angle matching. But in the modern smart wireless era, it shows serious overcapacity and difficult to move. Bluetooth speakers were born as an evolutionary product of multimedia wired audio systems. On the basis of retaining the original 2.0 physical channels, the Bluetooth speakers abandon the complicated 5.1 and 7.1 multi-channel solutions, which ensures the listening effect and enhances the mobility, and completely releases the family space, so it can rise.

Flower Box Speaker

1). Mono speaker (one unit): Bluetooth speaker with built-in mono speaker, generally used for Bluetooth speaker products within one hundred yuan.

2). Two-channel speaker (2 units): stereo in the true sense. Bluetooth speakers with built-in dual-channel speakers are widely used in mid-range Bluetooth speaker products at home and abroad due to the natural advantages of the left and right stereo sound of traditional multimedia speakers.

3). Multi-channel speakers (more than 2 units): Bluetooth speakers with built-in multi-channel speakers enter the field of metaphysics. Hi-Fi has professional-level considerations such as resolution, knot image, spatial scale, sound track separation, audio clarity, and sound equipment angle.