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The Main Features of Bluetooth V5.0

2020-04-23 18:42:20

1. Faster transmission speed

According to Bluetooth V5.0 developers, the transmission speed of version 5.0 can reach up to 2Mbps, double than Bluetooth V5.0 on the previous version 4.2.

Bluetooth V5.0

2. Further effective range

Another major improvement of Bluetooth V5.0 is that it quadruple the range. Theoretically, the effective range between Bluetooth transmitting and receiving device is 300 meters.

3. Navigation

The navigation function enables the devices to serve as an indoor navigation beacon or similar positioning device. Combined with WiFi, you can get precise indoor positioning with accuracy less than 1 meter. Even if you are a road nerd, you can find your way in a large commercial center with the aid of Bluetooth V5.0 technology.

Bluetooth V5.0

4. Web of Things

Web of Things is still a hit, so Bluetooth V5.0 optimizes it in an effort to serve for smart home with less power consumption and stronger performance.

Bluetooth V5.0

5. Hardware upgrade

Precious Bluetooth version update requires only software upgrade, but Bluetooth V5.0 is likely to require upgrades to the new chip. However, the older hardware can still be compatible with Bluetooth V5.0, but you can not enjoy its new performance. Flagship phones equipped with Bluetooth V5.0 chip will come out in 2017, those low-end mobile phones will also follow to have built-in Bluetooth 5 chip.

Bluetooth V5.0

6. More data transferring capabilities

The Bluetooth V5.0 adds more data transfer capabilities. Hardware manufacturers can create a more complex connection system via Bluetooth V5.0, such as Beacon or location services. Therefore, the advertisement data transmitted via the Bluetooth device can send a small amount of information to the target device, even without pairing.

7. Lower power consumption

Bluetooth V5.0 will greatly reduce the power consumption of Bluetooth, so that we will no longer have to worry about the short standby time when using Bluetooth.