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What should I do if the car stereo is noisy? Get it done in small details.

Emily 2020-10-22 11:00:16

When it comes to car speakers, everyone is familiar with it, but for audiophiles, if there is noise in the car speaker, the most unbearable thing is their "golden ears". Today, I will take you to understand how the noise in the car is generated and how can we solve it?

Noise generation:

The car is a very harsh environment of electromagnetic interference. Every electronic device in the car, such as power windows, trip computers, lighting power, generators, etc., will generate its own electromagnetic field, which will pass through the body sheet metal and the car body metal structure. Piece spread. The in-car speaker system is also among them, and if you are not careful, these noises will enter.

In addition to electromagnetic interference noise, aircraft noise caused by engines, unclean sound of the sound system, humming noise from vehicle electrical systems, etc., there is also the shock sound of the sound system itself that may cause the switch.

There are many reasons for noise, and the best noise treatment is to take precautions.

Solutions to noise:

But car speaker systems are parallel to these systems. As long as the power supply system is working properly, each car speaker equipment, including connecting cables and audio accessories, is of good quality and installed properly, there is no need to install a noise filter to solve all noise problems.

Before the construction of the sound system, make a plan and draw a sketch, which can help you avoid various hidden circuit hazards and prevent noise during installation.

The most important 3 points:

1. Equipment

Good equipment and shock absorbers will not only make the sound bass strong, have better control, and improve the resolution, but also make the sound field wider, more accurate positioning, and less noise. So try to choose products with a certain brand of equipment, and all aspects of performance and quality have been strictly tested.

car speaker

Second, wiring

Wiring, if noise interference occurs, in addition to checking the host, engine, power amplifier, and grounding wire, you should also check the signal wire, power wire and speaker wire.

It should be noted that the signal line must be separated from the power line when wiring. The greater the car speaker  power, the more attention should be paid to this. Because the high-current power line will form a large electromagnetic field, it is easy to interfere with the weak-current audio signal line.

Three, wire

In terms of wire selection, pay more attention to the selection of signal wires with good shielding effect. The length of each wire should also be controlled, not as long as possible. Pay attention to design and arrangement according to the location of the host, power amplifier and other equipment.

car speaker