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Three major advantages of noise-canceling headphones active noise reduction technology

jaskey 2020-12-14 16:14:12
(1) Better noise reduction effect

Passive noise-canceling headphones only have a partial isolation effect in the high-frequency noise range. Active noise-canceling headphones have a better denoising effect on low- and medium-frequency noises that people often encounter, such as "buzzing" air-conditioning noise, bus engine noise, and subway Engine friction sound will have obvious noise cancellation strength, which can reduce environmental noise of up to 25dB-35dB. At the same time, active noise-canceling headphones only makes appropriate noise cancellation effect for environmental noise, which is different from shielding all sounds. In terms of passive noise reduction, the effect of noise-canceling headphones is more prominent and even better.

noise-canceling headphones

(2) There are few restrictions on objective conditions

Passive noise reduction is often achieved by sound-proofing materials, such as earplugs and other enclosed objects, to achieve the effect of noise reduction, and can only shield high-frequency noise, and has no obvious effect on the effect of low-frequency. The noise-canceling headphones method lags behind and has a smaller scope of application. Noise-canceling headphones is even better in this regard. It collects surrounding noise through a highly sensitive microphone, which can quickly and effectively deal with noise in complex environments, such as air conditioning, cars, cabins, subways, buses, etc. It is objective The conditions are relatively few.

(3) Mature technical experience

Active noise-canceling headphones was first applied to the rigorous and high-end military field. After decades of development, it has accumulated a large amount of scientific research and technical achievements and practical application experience, and has unparalleled scientific research and technical effects in the civilian market. From the practical application point of view, the effect of this technology is quite stable, and it is gradually extending from high-end applications to the civilian market.