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How to test mini bluetooth speaker sound quality?

Hedy 2021-02-20 10:46:03

1. Test the mini bluetooth speakerquality of low frequency

The low frequency produced by poor-quality mini bluetooth speaker can be loud and deaf, but it is completely bloated and bulky, lacking a sense of layering and firmness. (That's what we usually call the low frequency ambiguity) Good low frequency should be clean and lively, with clear layers, not sloppy, and lingering, even if various low-frequency instruments such as large and small drums, bass guitar and piano bass, Can be easily distinguished. So don't be fooled by the low-frequency volume. Inferior low-frequency is not as natural and comfortable as clean sound. This is the low-frequency sound effect we want. But it cannot be generalized. For example, some of the extremely low frequencies are added by the sound engineer when recording. The loose tube of the instrument can reach the extremely low frequency of 18HZ (Hertz).

2. Test the mini bluetooth speakermid-range vocals

Human voice is the most frequently heard sound, and it is not difficult to detect its pros and cons. Pay attention to whether the human voice has an unusual nasal sound or the sensation of being squeezed. (The horn is inside the car door, etc.) The "box sound" of some mini bluetooth speakers (when the door is not processed, for example, without sound insulation) will also greatly interfere with the intermediate frequency, making the sound in this frequency band fuzzy. Intermediate frequency sound dyeing is more serious than other frequencies, because most of the audible sound frequencies or music frequencies are concentrated in the middle frequency range. This will become a replay for almost all types of music. Obstacles.

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3. Test the mini bluetooth speakerflexibility of high frequency

Inferior high frequencies are shrill noises that make people feel dizzy. In extreme cases, the violin or soprano can be turned into a sharp brake noise. Similarly, the different textures of different instrumental music in the treble can be distinguished by a good treble. The high frequency of the next level can even distinguish the different rhymes played by two different woods of different years. The easiest key to grasp is that a good high pitch is not to make people listen to it, and the pores are erected, and it will not make people listen more tired, and it should be soft and elastic, smooth and layered. Up to the highest point, it can still be heard easily without changing the voice (of course not based on the recording of the vocalist)

4. Test mini bluetooth speakerhigh volume and sound field image

Some mini bluetooth speakers are stable at low volume, but when the volume is increased to a certain index, they will be distorted, or "side-by-beat", and various non-recording music signals appear. (Of course, the volume of less than 12 points is a safe test standard. , LEVEL). Specifically, if orchestral music is one of the favorite music types, you must pass this level. The standard loudspeaker can be out of the box to a certain extent, creating a clear sound field and image, showing the position and texture of different musical instruments, with sufficient diffusion and even growth, wide, high and high-quality audio space. Weak sounds and tail sounds should be heard clearly, and there is no distortion under high volume and "big burst" conditions, and the human voice and instrument sound will not be entangled. A high-quality replay can show a rich sense of music and air, as well as the bounce power of notes, like a cloud and mist to see the blue sky, showing the entire detailed and orderly sound image. And more straightforwardly, it won't make your ears tired after long listening.

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