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Should I go for wired headphones or wireless bluetooth headphones?

Ana 2021-03-27 11:23:49

Headphones are one of the most useful gadget in our daily life. Its like our best friend while Travelling and we love it more when we want to ignore somebody.

Nowadays, people are preferring wirelessbluetooth headphones and phone manufacturers are also removing 3.5 mm jack from their phones.

But still, if you ask which one is better? it will be really difficult to compare and decide only one because both are useful in different scenarios.

We can compare them under below categories :

1. Voice Quality at same price : If you compare any wired headphones with Wireless bluetooth headphones below USD20, You will hear much better quality in Wired headphones in comparison to its wireless bluetooth headphones.

2. Battery : Wired headphones has no issue related to battery whereas with wireless bluetooth headphones you have to charge them after some time.

3. Electric Shock or Electrocution : With Wired headphones, the chances of Electric shock are much higher in comparison to wireless bluetooth headphones , specially when Phone is charging. That's why it is better to use wireless bluetooth headphones when your phone is charging.

wireless bluetooth headphones

4. Comfort : Wired headphones has a major drawback of Wire entanglement. You are restricted upto the headphone's wire length.You can't roam freely, you have to carry phone with you always. Whereas with wireless bluetooth headphones , there is no issue related to that. You can roam freely upto the bluetooth range and there is no issue related to wire entanglement.

5. Connection Time: Connection time of wired headphones is faster than connecting wireless bluetooth headphones. Although Bluetooth is very fast nowadays, but still some phones & some wireless bluetooth headphones face compatibility issues and takes time to get detected. Whereas in Wired headphones, you have to just put the pin in jack and you are good to go.

So, In conclusion both type of headphones have its pros and cons depending on the situation. As a user, we should be aware that in which situation what type of headphones should be used.

wireless bluetooth headphones