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How to choose outdoor bluetooth speaker?

Ana 2021-03-30 17:24:58
There are more and more outdoor bluetooth speakers on the market. It is not easy to choose a high-quality and affordable speaker. What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing a cost-effective outdoor bluetooth speaker?

The main choices are sound quality, battery life, Bluetooth version, box material and portability.
1, The Sound Quality
With any type of speaker, the most important thing is sound quality. Most outdoor Bluetooth speakers are single speaker or dual speaker speakers. Usually in the outdoor very noisy environment, the need for sound is strong and powerful,  so the single speaker box also appears the heart is willing to but the power is insufficient. When we choose an outdoor bluetooth speaker, if we pay more attention to sound quality, we should choose a dual speaker outdoor bluetooth speaker.

2,Endurance Ability
An outdoor Bluetooth speaker that needs to be charged if you listen to music for a while is not only annoying, it also causes a lot of inconvenience. So a good outdoor bluetooth speaker needs to have good battery life. Battery is a direct determinant of range. When the suggestion chooses to buy, the speaker box with large battery and large capacity is selected. Generally inexpensive single-speaker outdoor bluetooth speakers on the market can only store a small battery due to their size, so the standby time is very short. Such a short time to play simply can not meet the requirements of o
utdoor travel, so it is recommended to choose a dual speaker outdoor bluetooth speaker.

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3. Bluetooth Version
Simply put, a Bluetooth speaker is a Bluetooth chip built into the speaker, making it more accessible to a wider audience than traditional audio devices. Therefore, the version of bluetooth is also one of the most important factors affecting the quality of bluetooth speakers. At present, the version of bluetooth speakers on the market is mainly 4.0. Generally speaking, the higher the version of Bluetooth, the longer the battery life of the speaker will be, and the longer the effective transmission distance will be, the more compatible Bluetooth will be.

4. Box aterial

Outdoor bluetooth speakers are mostly made of two materials: plastic and metal. Plastic material is light, easy to carry, and plastic feel better, but also waterproof. Although the metal material is much stronger, but for outdoor use, it appears too heavy, and easy to wear, beautiful impact.

5. Portability
Outdoor bluetooth speakers must be portable. So when we buy an outdoor bluetooth speaker, we should pay attention to whether it can be hung on the backpack or carried by a handle.

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