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HIFI Talk | Test Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Classical Music

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-03-25

Many Portable Bluetooth Speakers that advertise Hi-Fi on the market actually live by "distorting" the sound source as they are. They cannot correctly express the musical relationship and cannot play back musical works in a harmonious manner. Why is such a device with "three wrong views" received rave reviews? Because quite a lot of Portable Bluetooth Speaker enthusiasts actually don’t listen to any music, they repeatedly play certain songs sung by certain singers, pursuing the strong stimulation of the sound to the ears, and they think that they are different from "music enthusiasts". "The equipment enthusiast".

Portable Bluetooth Speaker devices, except for a few are instrumental, most of them are used to enjoy music. A group of people who think that they are a fever of Portable Bluetooth Speaker, rationally admit that they want to pursue the perfect reproduction without distortion, and the sound is complex, the feeling is rich, and the most difficult to playback high-quality is classical music. There is no one. Classical music has strict specifications and a long history, whether it is instrument timbre, performance technique, band arrangement, or final timbre presentation. There are standards to refer to, and the feeling can be expanded, so it can be used to evaluate equipment. I often see words written by some equipment enthusiasts, such as "perfect human voice" and "precise positioning", which are specious.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There is no uniform perfection of the human voice, only their own characteristics. There are many people who listen to Li Jian's songs, and few people have heard Li Jian sing on the spot. How can you judge that it is perfect? Accurate positioning is even more irresponsible. Without a standard comparison of the performance scene, where can I know if the positioning is accurate? Therefore, it is the touchstone to evaluate the performance of the Portable Bluetooth Speaker and the performance ability of classical music, including the timbre of the instrument, the scene of the band, and the expression of emotions. Portable Bluetooth Speaker enthusiasts must understand the original sound quality of the instrument, have a lot of concert experience, and have a detailed understanding of the composer’s work and the style of the performer, in order to know whether the sound produced by the Portable Bluetooth Speaker is right or wrong. This requires A certain learning process.

I often say that music is not superior or inferior. You can like Teresa Teng and indulge in her popular tune; you can also admire Bach. If you are under the light of divine nature, this refers to your preference for music. If you want to use it to evaluate the quality of the Portable Bluetooth Speaker equipment, I agree with the above point that classical music is the best tool. Even if we have never heard of Cai Qin and Li Jian singing live, we must have had close contact with instruments such as piano and violin. The rich overtones when playing the piano, the clear resonance when the violin is pulling the strings, and the air column when playing the brass pipe. Runing energy, solid and flexible elasticity when the timpani slammed... these messages are often greatly compressed or even disappeared in popular music.

I personally like the recording of live concerts very much. Perhaps the performance is not perfect, but the presence of the atmosphere seems to be returning to the concert hall. That kind of touch is something that many so-called fever records cannot give. When we played back classical music, we heard a coherent sound, no broken and distorted instruments, a well-distributed three-dimensional stage, dense and soft full overtones, solid and elastic bass fluctuations, not too sharp, bright, abrupt, and not blurry. Soft hair, that set of Portable Bluetooth Speaker equipment must not be too bad.

Of course, it’s not for the Portable Bluetooth Speaker enthusiasts to learn music, everyone has the accomplishment of classical music, but don’t forget that the Portable Bluetooth Speaker equipment is a combination of technology and art, and the assessment technology is art. Know more about art, ours Portable Bluetooth Speaker can only be improved by fever.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker