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Shortage of OLED panel market

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-08-15 17:09:02

With the approaching of the apple iPhone to launch, because at present the majority of information exposure will tend to apple on iPhone8 products will only be used for the first time the OLED panel.Samsung is now control about 99% of global smartphone market OLED screen, OLED screen shipments accounted for only 1% of other manufacturer.But it still can't meet the market demand for the OLED panel.(Speaker manufacturer

In 2016, samsung display (SDI) through a series of actions to increase investment in OLED, such as shutting down part of profits meager LCD panel production line, transformed into OLED panel production line;Invest large sums to purchase the OLED panel production equipment;Internal department of the OLED independent operation and so on.This year, according to industry forecasts, to complete the second stage after investment, samsung display A2 line (the main production 5.5 generation of rigid OLED screen) of the quantity will increase 20000, A3 line (production 6 generation flexible OLED screen) increase of 30000.The A2 line capacity is about 1.5 million pieces, A3 is about 15000 pieces.(Speaker manufacturer)

By the end of 2016, samsung to A3 line will continue to increase investment, if the 8th to 11th stage investment is completed, samsung can be just about 1 LCD production line into OLED production line, if samsung can produce 190000 pieces per month hard OLED screen, 130000 pieces of flexible OLED screen.Samsung's investment continued until 2018, and eventually to flexible OLED screen will reach 180000 yuan.(Speaker manufacturer)

At the same time, the world's largest producer of smart phones and TV display panel LG display (LGD) is also increasing investment in small and medium size OLED screen.LGD recently announced it will invest 1.75 billion dollars for the production of flexible OLED screen, in response to a smartphone or other intelligent device on the OLED gradually replace LCD(Speaker manufacturer).

Speaker manufacturer
Need the OLED panel customer has a lot of, but can really show the industry that trend change is only one of the few brands, apple is undoubtedly one of the most persuasive, when equipped with OLED panel available iPhone8, everyone will think that the trend has become a reality, so ready before this is particularly important, apple will tend not to the choose and buy of accessories to bet on on the only supplier, so in addition to samsung, others still have a chance.(Speaker manufacturer)