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Notes on the use of speakers?

The speaker usually uses the standard operation:

1. Before use, check whether the placement position will be stable. If there is wiring, check whether the wiring is correct and the position of the potentiometer is too large.

2. During the operation process of starting up, shutting down and restarting, the volume of the speaker should be turned to the minimum or the power should be turned off to prevent damage to the speaker due to large inrush current.

3. In order to protect the speaker, the volume of the speaker should not be turned up too much during normal use, as long as it is enough, about 1/2 is better, because in addition to the problem of sound distortion, some large dynamic fever discs are definitely speaker killers.

4. Do not work at high volume for a long time, it is easy to damage the power supply and the amplifier circuit,

5. Bookshelf speakers should prevent accidental collision and fall from the tripod, it is best to stick a few pieces of double-sided tape on the bottom of the box.

6. Speakers that need to be connected to the speaker cable. When the speaker is used for a period of time, the terminals of the speaker cable will be more or less oxidized. This layer of oxide film will greatly affect the contact state, thereby reducing the sound quality. Click to maintain the best connection.

7. The speaker does not need to turn off the machine for a long time.