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How to Set Up Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for the Best Sound

2020-04-14 18:09:03

1.Choose the perfect position in the room

The main rule of wireless bluetooth speakers placement is to place them in a way that they form a triangle (also known as the “equilateral triangle”). The important thing is that the distance between the wireless bluetooth speakers and the distance between you and each of the speakers in the speaker system is the same (equal). This is quite easy to achieve with 2.1 speaker systems but it gets more difficult with more complex systems.

wireless bluetooth speakers

The usual layout is that the main speaker or the soundbar is in front of the listener (below or above the TV) and the two remaining wireless bluetooth speakers are at the ends of the imaginary triangle. In case you have more complex speaker systems, you will have to place the other speakers behind the listener, also making sure that the distance between the speakers and the distance between the listener and the wireless bluetooth speakers remains the same.

wireless bluetooth speakers

The second important thing is the position of the listener. He should be in the center of the whole arrangement, sitting in the “sweet spot”.

2.Use speaker stands to optimize general performance

Wireless bluetooth speakers stands can improve speaker performance a lot. Of course, you won’t use the stands unless you have the kind of speaker that is predicted to be placed on the stand although any wireless bluetooth speakers sounds better if it doesn’t stand directly on the floor.

wireless bluetooth speakers

The way you use stands also depends on the type of the room where you keep the speakers. This is where the height is very important. For example, if you’re using the wireless bluetooth speakers in the kitchen where you are standing most of the time making meals, the stands should be placed at the approximately same height as your head and ears are. Also, if you’re buying stands for your living room, they should be smaller as you will probably be sitting most of the time while watching TV, listening to music, etc. The important thing is that you calculate the right stand height because you will hear the music better if it comes directly to your ears without obstacles.