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Music therapy

Music therapy is based on the practical functions of music and USES music or music-related experiences as a means of treating disease or promoting physical and mental health in accordance with systematic therapeutic procedures.As long as it is a systematic,planned and purposeful use of music as a means to achieve the purpose of promoting human physical and mental health,it should fall under the category of music therapy.

Music therapy originated in the United States in the mid-20th century for the purpose of"curing disease and relieving pain.

In U.S military hospitals during World War II,doctors found that playing music to wounded soldiers reduced the rate of infection from wounds and,at the same time,the rate of in-hospital death.After the war,music therapy spread to psychiatric hospitals and other institutions,and professional musicians and psychologists were involved.

Music therapy,as a complete modern discipline,started late in China.In 1979,Dr.Liu Bangrui,an American doctor of music therapy,was invited to lecture at the Central.

Conservatory of Music,introducing The Music therapy of Europe and America to China for the first time.

As for the mechanism of action of music therapy,some scholars believe that:On the one hand,the frequency and sound pressure of music sound wave will cause physiological response.The frequency rhythm of music and regular sound wave vibration are a kind of physical energy,and moderate physical energy will cause the occurrence of human tissue cells and spectral resonance phenomenon,so as to affect the human brain waves,heart rate,breathing rhythm and so on.

Music,on the other hand,the frequency of the sound wave and sound preesure can cause psychological reactions,benign music can improve the excitability of cerebral cortex,improve people's mood,arouse people's feelings,encouraging the spirit of people,but also help to eliminate the psychological and social factors caused by the tenion,anxiety,depression,terror and other adversr psychological state,improve the ability of stress.