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Multi-function mini computer speakers

Emily 2020-08-07 12:11:00
Subsequently, with the development of science and technology, household appliances in our life have become more and more intelligent. Nowadays, many products are connected to the Internet, and big data can be used to provide better services for us. Therefore, they are called "smart home".No matter be the TV in our home, washing machine, air conditioning and even sound box, call in succession think intelligent household product.

Mini computer speaker is a kind of miniature audio system. Many friends also call it a "USB audio system", which connects computers or USB ports with USB ports. It is small, easy to carry and fashionable.

Mini computer speaker can be connected to most audio output devices, such as MP3, MP4, MP5, mobile phones, computers, etc. (some devices may require a transfer interface).

The appearance design is simple and fashionable, small and exquisite, various.The lithium battery can be carried on the body, and the high-power output is suitable for outdoor use.The Mini computer speaker that the combination installs suits to place at home more.

mini computer speakers

1, small size, easy to carry, trendy fashion, personalized color matching, fresh and natural.

The largest are no larger than a football, and the smallest are the size of an egg.

2. Set power amplifier, battery and dual loudspeaker in one, pioneered the patented technology of "telescopic extended resonating chamber", which solves the problem of narrow resonating chamber of Mini computer speaker, breaking decades of constraints on speakers' appearance specifications and compressing them to the limit;

3, there is no need for a long audio line, no need for external power, whether it is the fresh rhythm of the mountain and water, or passionate DJ dance, can be fully displayed!

Everything, just in order to be able to enjoy anytime, anywhere, freely;

4. The design is simple and easy to use.

USB1.1 or 2.0 standard interface for power supply and audio input, driveless USB interface plug and play, fully compatible with Windows 95 98 ME 2000 and XP operating systems.

With 3.5mm stereo audio input interface links notebook, desktop PC, mobile phone, PSP, Walkman, MD, Mp3, palm computer, PDA, Mp4, repetor, iPod, mobile phone and other devices;

5. Mini computer speaker only need to be connected to laptops, mobile phones and other devices to play beautiful music without power supply.

Some Mini computer speaker have a large lithium-ion battery inside and can play music for three to five hours.

When the mini computer speaker battery dies, we can connect the USB port to the computer to charge the battery.

mini computer speakers