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What is the difference between Bluetooth and WIFI speakers?

2020-09-10 10:09:00

With the development of technology, smart homes are slowly integrated into our lives. At the same time, thanks to the popularity of smart devices, wireless best budget bluetooth speakers have also become a very popular peripheral product, allowing users to use mobile phones and tablets to wirelessly play online music or make hands-free calls at home and outdoors. However, wireless standards are not unique. They are mainly divided into Bluetooth and WIFI. We need to understand the difference between them and choose according to our needs. Below, I will tell you in detail the similarities and differences between best budget bluetooth speaker and WIFI speakers.

best budget bluetooth speaker

Parameter reveal: Bluetooth, NFC, WIFI, Airplay, DLAN

In fact, there are only two underlying connection standards for wireless speakers, Bluetooth and WIFI, and NFC often appears with Bluetooth; Airplay and DLAN are different WIFI transmission standards. This is the concept that needs to be clarified first.

Best budget bluetooth speaker

The first choice of most users is best budget bluetooth speaker, which are rich in variety and cheaper than WIFI speakers. Generally speaking, the maximum transmission range of a best budget bluetooth speaker is about 10 meters, and it adopts a direct connection mode without wireless routing. In addition, the volume of the best budget bluetooth speaker can be very small, and with the addition of waterproof and other features, it can be used outdoors.

NFC is actually just a function that simplifies the Bluetooth connection. Mobile phones and tablets that support NFC can be connected to the NFC best budget bluetooth speaker by touch, and there is no need to pair with the system settings. In general, the NFC function is optional. It should be noted that iOS devices do not support NFC, so Apple users do not need to pay for the NFC function.

WIFI speaker

Obviously, WIFI transmission is more advantageous in terms of distance, speed, and stability, but it is slightly troublesome to use. Most WIFI speakers need a bridge device, which connects to the wireless router at home through a bridge, and then connects to the speaker. Because of the faster transmission speed, WIFI speakers can support higher-quality audio, and the biggest selling point is that they can realize the interconnection of multiple speakers, and play one piece of music at the same time or play other music separately. In other words, if you buy multiple Sonos or Samsung WIFI speakers, you can put them in the living room, bedroom, study room, and then play a piece of music at the same time, just like a concert, this is not possible with best budget bluetooth speaker.

best budget bluetooth speaker

As for Airplay and DLAN, they are actually different WIFI multimedia wireless transmission standards, which must be used in a WIFI environment. Generally speaking, Apple devices use the Airplay standard, including Mac and iOS devices. If you are an Apple user, you need to pay attention to whether the product supports Airplay when buying a WIFI speaker.

DLAN is a relatively open wireless multimedia transmission standard. Most Android and Windows devices support DLAN. However, the performance of DLAN is much inferior to Airplay, so many Android users would rather choose best budget bluetooth speakers.

Choose wireless best budget bluetooth speakers according to your needs.