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Micro-LED screen will become the next generation of screen technology

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2017-05-02 15:11:28

According to media reports, Apple will be Apple Watch 3 smart watch equipped with the next generation Micro-LED screen, and Micro-LED screen will be at the end of the year in Taiwan Taoyuan unknown factory production. The Micro-LED screen is the next generation of screen technology behind the OLED screen, which is thinner and lighter than the OLED screen because the screen is only 5-10 micron thick. Compared with the contemporary OLED display, the production of micro-LED panel production efficiency will be higher, the cost will be relatively low, which can get more economic benefits. Apple will use the technology of LuxVe acquired in 2014.

Apple want to use the Micro-LED screen may want to get rid of Samsung's control as soon as possible, the initiative firmly in their own hands. Apple this move, including Samsung, including some of the Korean suppliers are very worried.
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Recently, media reports that Samsung is planning to $ 150 million acquisition of Taiwan Micro-LED screen manufacturer PlayNitide. PlayNitride is a relatively young business focused on nitride materials and their use. Recent reports indicate that the company may begin producing Micro-LED chips later this year. Reported that Apple is considering including Apple Watch, including the use of new devices such as the screen, and this screen will eventually be used on the iPhone. "
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Currently there are many companies interested in Micro-LED screens in the industry. For example, last year Oculus acquired Micro-LED start-up InfiniLED. In addition, Sony is also developing Micro-LED screen.
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Today, the smart phone industry is still using OLED screen process a lot of problems, so the recent use of the industry Micro-LED the possibility of more accurate. Apple Watch may be the first to use this screen technology products, and future AR and VR headset equipment may also use Micro-LED.

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