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Bluetooth protocol A2DP

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2017-05-04 15:12:41

Commonly used Bluetooth protocols are: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCPThe following mainly introduces the A2DP Bluetooth protocol (stereo Bluetooth headset)

A2DP full name is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile Bluetooth audio transmission model agreement.

A2DP specifies the use of Bluetooth asynchronous transmission channel, high-quality music file data transmission protocol stack software and use, based on the agreement can be transmitted through the Bluetooth high-quality music, and can be used for high-end stereo Bluetooth headset or stereo Bluetooth headset equipment to listen to music.

A2DP can transmit MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AAC, ATRAC, SBC, apt-X these audio coding. Bluetooth with A2DP protocol is true Bluetooth, in order to truly reproduce the CD-like sound quality effect.

A2DP protocol transmission audio can reach 44.1khz, to achieve high-definition sound.In addition to the high-end stereo Bluetooth headset also supports HFP, AVRCP protocol, you can control the remote control, hang up, refused to answer the phone, you can choose to install the A2DP Bluetooth protocol, such as NSP-0144 stereo Bluetooth headset. Remote control audio playback / pause and volume control.

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