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Meizu release suspended speakers Gravity

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2016-06-21 15:18:01

Meizu suspended speakers Gravity in the United States officially released on the website indiegogo raise;The product all the raised amount is $100000, complete the intended target.
Users up to more than 40 countries and regions in the raise, including China, the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Britain, and many other countries and regions.Interestingly, except Antarctica, meizu Gravity supporters across six continents.And support the most users from China, followed by the United States.

Meizu the choose release suspended speakers Gravity in the United States, is the home of many mature speakers brand launched a challenge.The United States has many suspended speakers well-known brand, which also makes the users of wi-fi wireless speaker products are more familiar with, can bring more reference for meizu and opinion.In the end, a total of 107 American user support for the Gravity speakers, on all supported the raise of the countries ranked second.
The total of 40 overseas media reports for new product and continuous attention, and occupies 25 media headlines.Including wired, slashgear, engadget, recode, the verge, such as the famous media and audio whathifi authoritative media, media design authority designboom, hypebeast, etc.Won praise from many:

Hanging in the air, meizu Gravity like a magician David blaine.——Digital trends

“Meizu’s Gravity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth suspended speakers will go up against devices from the likes of Sonos and others.”——Ubergizmo

“Sorry, But this cantilevered suspended speakers is way cooler than your Jambox. “—— Wired
Actually suspended speakers concept in a few years ago has been designed, and there are a lot of speaker manufacturers have produced, but are not mature enough, exterior design class also not enough
Meizu suspended speakers Gravity design is very interesting, it USES the prism for a display device, through the principle of optical reflection, can play the music track information, information such as album cover "suspended" in the air, let a person feel the existence of Gravity, it does not lose its balance, this form as a ghost floating in the air.
And sound quality challenges faced, meizu acoustic team for BOSE, HARMAN, tuning top audio manufacturers such as SONY, acoustic experts focus on acoustic 13 years, and Dirac senior acoustics engineer hold together, to overcome the difficulties many quality, custom set of acoustic solution, finally let "small cavity has a good voice".