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Chrome affect battery life?

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2016-06-21

There are a number of Chrome users to Google Chrome that complained that the laptop computerbattery life shrunk dramatically, and Google too generous to admit this, and promise will be in the future updates on this issue.The recent Microsoft is served for the roles of the enthusiastic netizens, personally tested the Chrome, Firefox browser and home of Microsoft Edge on the Surface of the battery performance.(Oem earphone)

Microsoft in controlled environments of this in the laboratory, testing the typical browser on a visit to some popular web site browsing behavior, as well as to separate online video broadcast.(Oem earphone)Tests found that the Chrome in life only lasted four hours 19 minutes, the result is far less than the Edge of Microsoft's own browser 7 hours 22 minutes, Microsoft this act as enthusiastic netizen character seems to have reached the, the real intention of browser is proved that the Edge in terms of energy consumption of the control to be more outstanding.
But this is not entirely by Microsoft black Chrome and at the same time test although Opera and Firefox browser performance wasn't up to the Edge, but in the penultimate Firefox 50 minutes more than Chrome.(Oem earphone)

Although Edge on life tests were good, but the Chrome and Firefox browser extensions feature makes more good user experience in the process of using, Edge, still need to improve this point.But Microsoft has already said it will in the future a major update for Windows 10 Edge add extensions support.(Oem earphone)

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