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How to choose your own dancing speaker

  • Author:Yohanna
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2018-03-31
There are many people who originally bought the dancing speaker of blindly catching the tide and quickly found outdated and awkward to use, but because they did not consider the possibility of upgrading, they now face the dilemma of continued unsatisfactory use, or all thrown away.

First, whether there is a good sounding environment.
As a household electrical appliance with the greatest individual differences, sound is a good and bad one that needs careful listening. It also needs to consider what kind of sound quality you like. However, some audio companies provide only the places where they are shown but they do not give you room to audition. This is no different from selling department stores. The dedicated auditorium does not “beautify” the sound quality. It only provides a neutral, undisturbed space for you to carefully compare the characteristics of the system. Its smooth acoustic characteristics can fully reflect the advantages and disadvantages of the audio equipment. Also, well-designed auditoriums often reflect whether the business understands the acoustic knowledge, the business's operating quality and strength. So, for you to be able to buy a satisfactory dancing speaker, it is best to choose a business with a listening room at the time of purchase.

Second, whether the seller knows.
If a business is struggling with your questions about product performance and usage or telling you that it's OK, but you don't know where it is, you should be careful. Because if the business itself does not understand, of course, can not recommend a dancing speaker to you, and may not even understand their own products into the goods. Therefore, sound must be able to operate well. Qualified audio dealers not only understand the products they sell, but also understand the characteristics of other commodities on the market, and can objectively introduce you to the characteristics of different dancing speaker. Based on your full reference, you can give more room for comparison, instead of just asking “How much money do you have?” It is for money matching rather than for your needs.

Third, it is not enough to be genuine.
Buying a dancing speaker is not the same as buying other things. It is not only true that it will be a good thing. The audio is a personality. The bad match is like a couple who is “discordant” and will be very awkward. For example, the sound of most Japanese power amplifiers is relatively cold and hard, and the digital taste is heavy. It is only suitable for use with a softer, warmer speaker. If a product with less than ten thousand yuan is used, the same "cold" German speaker and the recognized "hard" JBL will be very insensitive or difficult to hear. , It will not be so good if you spend more money. However, many businesses, including some brand-name equipment agents, have ignored this factor. In order to promote their own products, they often engage in collocations that are not responsible. In addition to requiring merchant self-regulation, consumers should also understand the collocation knowledge and avoid blindly following ad recommendations. In addition, the same price, because of different brands, their music quality is also different, often occur in high-priced products, the performance is not as good as the situation of cheap products, so understand listening knowledge is a necessary condition for the purchase of dancing speaker .

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