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What is the principle of mobile phone wireless charging?

Emily 2021-04-28 17:35:43

More and more mobile phones now support wireless charging. The current wireless charging requires a charging pad, which is in line with the Qi standard. What is the principle of wireless charging? Let me briefly introduce it.

 Qi is a wireless charging standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. It is still evolving and has received support from more than 200 leading companies, including Apple, Philips and Belkin. Their goal is to provide wireless charging in an easy and safe way and to ensure compatibility of all Qi-marked devices.

phone wireless charging

  Be sure to use the correct charger to charge your smartphone or tablet.

  There are two different types of wireless charging, the following is the information you need to know.

 Inductive charging:

 There needs to be direct contact between the mobile phone and the wireless charger. The charging coils inside the mobile phone and the charger must be aligned with each other.

 Resonant charging:

  Mobile phones, wireless charging coils need to be close to each other within a specified distance, but do not need to touch.

phone wireless charging