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Status quo and development trend of electronic products dancing robot bluetooth speaker

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-12-01

dancing robot bluetooth speaker

Dancing robot bluetooth speakerIs one of China's fastest growing industries, 1995 to 2003, the electronic industry output by 247.1 billion yuan to 2.4058 trillion yuan, an increase of 874%, with an average annual growth of 32.9%; electronics industry was increased by 44.9 billion yuan 354.5 billion yuan, an increase of 690%, with an average annual increase of 29.4%, both well above the average growth rate of the manufacturing sector over the dancing robot bluetooth speaker same period. Sustained and rapid growth of the electronics industry, initially established China as the world's largest producer of electronic products status. 1998 Chinese mainland GDP of the world's electronic products and electronic products dancing robot bluetooth speaker

dancing robot bluetooth speaker
   4.52% of GDP, (2.86%) than as the world's major electronics production dancing robot bluetooth speaker base in South Korea (3.96%) and Taiwan, after the United States (30.40%) and Japan (19.58%). ① the rapid growth of the electronics industry is closely related to foreign direct investment in the industry, the electronics industry  dancing robot bluetooth speakeris manufacturing the most concentrated areas of foreign investment. This paper will present situation of foreign direct investment in the electronics industry, trends, characteristics and impact analysis, and finally puts forward suggestions.
First, the electronics industry dancing robot bluetooth speaker to attract foreign direct investment in the status quo
   1. The electronics industry dancing robot bluetooth speaker FDI status of electronic and communication equipment manufacturing in the manufacturing sector is manufacturing the most concentrated areas of foreign investment, foreign-funded enterprises in the industry assets totaled 764.507 billion yuan, accounting for 19.47% of all the total assets of foreign-funded enterprises assets of more than ranked second twice transportation equipment manufacturing; while electronic dancing robot bluetooth speaker and communication equipment manufacturing is the highest proportion of foreign assets, industry, electronics and communications equipment manufacturing total assets of foreign-funded enterprises and large non-state-owned Industrial Assets 63.25%, far higher than 23.26% of the national manufacturing average.
    dancing robot bluetooth speaker electronics industry have become the largest foreign investment, the fastest growing manufacturing sector, there are two main reasons:
First,  dancing robot bluetooth speaker the rapid growth of the Chinese market and the huge market potential. In the telecommunications industry, for example, the year 2004 alone, China's new central office telephone exchange capacity reached 70.196 million, the new mobile telephone exchange capacity reached 60.489 million. China has become a multinational global market strategy an important part of China's huge market to attract multinational fierce competition. Second, China's domestic cheap labor resources. According to the current exchange rate, Chinese state-owned weekly wage manufacturing workers is only $ 22.35, equivalent to 38.33%, respectively, in Thailand, 28.7 percent in Malaysia, 9.2 percent in South Korea, Taiwan Province of 6.8%, 5.1%, Hong Kong SAR, the United States, Japan , about 4% of Germany (Lu Zheng, 2003). To reduce manufacturing costs, foreign investment in the electronics industry, the low end of the product or not high-tech production processes transfer to China to capitalize on the comparative advantages of China's labor-intensive products dancing robot bluetooth speaker. For example, with the increase of the cost of manufacturing in Taiwan, Taiwan's electronic information industry companies are moving to mainland China, China Taiwan Electronic Information hardware manufacturing output has reached 50.1% in overseas, including mainland China output up 31.1% dancing robot bluetooth speaker