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How to use wireless bluetooth speakers?

2020-04-21 19:24:34

Connecting your wireless bluetooth speakers to a computer, smartphone or other audio-capable device is a two-stage process.

First, make the wireless bluetooth speakersdiscoverable, and then pair them with the other device. The device from which you're attempting to broadcast audio to your wireless bluetooth speakers must have Bluetooth capabilities as well.

wireless bluetooth speakers

Preparing wireless bluetooth speakers

Setting up your wireless bluetooth speakers varies depending on the make and model. Plug the speakers into a wall outlet if they have their own power cable, or insert batteries if they're battery-operated.

Turn on the speakers and make them discoverable. Making a wireless bluetooth speaker discoverable is necessary in order for computers, stereos, smartphones and other Bluetooth devices to communicate with it.

Some speakers are automatically discoverable as soon as you turn them on. Others have dedicated buttons to make them discoverable. Consult the speakers' instruction manual for more information.

Connecting the wireless bluetooth speakers to your computer

Once you've turned on your wireless bluetooth speakers and made them discoverable, you can pair them with your Windows 8.1 computer.

To enable Bluetooth on your computer, press "Windows-C" and select the "Settings" charm. Click "Change PC Settings," select "PC and Devices" and choose "Bluetooth" to open the Bluetooth settings panel. Toggle the virtual "Bluetooth" button to the On position and then click your Bluetooth speakers from the list of available devices. Enter your speakers' pairing code, if prompted. Not all speakers use pairing codes. Consult your manual or look at the bottom of your wireless bluetooth speakers to obtain your pairing code.

wireless bluetooth speakers

Connecting wireless bluetooth speakers to Mobile Devices

To use your wireless bluetooth speakers with a smartphone or tablet, you need to pair them as well. On Android and iOS devices, launch the Settings, touch "Bluetooth" and toggle the "Bluetooth" switch to the On position. Tap your wireless bluetooth speakers on the list of devices and then input the speakers' pairing code, if prompted.