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10 common Bluetooth problems

1. Can my phone use Bluetooth?

Answer: Bluetooth is a world-standard protocol. As long as your mobile phone has Bluetooth function, you can use Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth hands-free and other Bluetooth mobile phone accessories. For several common brands of mobile phones, you can go to their website to check whether your mobile phone supports Bluetooth.

2. How do I choose a Bluetooth headset?

Answer: First, choose the brand's Bluetooth headset, whether it is from the quality or after-sales service can be guaranteed, and then choose the Bluetooth headset with sound quality and long standby time, because the life of the headset is actually the life of the Bluetooth headset battery, the battery life is charged The number of times is determined, so the longer the standby time of the Bluetooth headset, the longer its service life.

3. Is the Bluetooth headset easy to use?

Answer: Bluetooth headset is very simple to use, much simpler than using a mobile phone. Before using the Bluetooth headset, you must first pair it with your phone. A brief introduction to the pairing process: first press and hold the multifunction button of the headset (the manual says) for a few seconds, the indicator light of the headset will change to red and blue alternately (most headsets) Then use your mobile phone to search for Bluetooth devices. After you find the phone, it will display the name of the found Bluetooth. Enter the pairing password (usually 0000) and then press the phone's OK button. The pairing process is so simple. Stereo Bluetooth headsets Some mobile phones need to be reconnected within the Bluetooth device before they can normally use stereo to listen to music.

There are not many buttons on the Bluetooth headset, most of them only have the volume button and the answer / hang button, so it is very simple to use. Some stereo Bluetooth headsets will add AV control keys to control the playback of the previous song and the next song.

4. When using, how far can it be from the mobile phone and multi-function adapter?

Answer: The effective working range of the headset and mobile phone or multi-function adapter is generally up to 30 feet (10 meters). In general, when there are no obstacles in between, the connection between them works best. When the phone reaches the limit from the headset, a slight noise will be heard during the call. Although some adapters now have an effective distance of 100 meters, when connected to a 10 meter Bluetooth headset, the effective distance used is still 10 meters.

5. What is the Bluetooth pairing password?

Answer: Bluetooth pairing password is generally 0000 or 1234

6. Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation problems?

Answer: The radiation value is only a few tenths of the mobile phone, which is almost negligible. It is a radiation-free product and can be used with confidence. It is a green and environmentally friendly way of using mobile phones, which has become quite popular in Europe and America.

7. Will the headset interfere with the car's electronic equipment, radio or computer?

Answer: The power of the radio waves generated by the headset is much smaller than that of ordinary mobile phones, and the signal emitted complies with the international Bluetooth standard. Therefore, there should be no interference with standard consumer electronics.

8. Will there be any interference when using wireless earphones to make calls? Why sometimes there is noise or similar "static noise" in the headphones?

Answer: Appliances such as cordless phones, wireless network equipment, etc. may interfere with your call, and there will usually be crackles during the call. In a few cases, interference will make the headset completely unable to talk. To reduce interference, keep the headphones away from devices that use or emit radio waves.

The noise or "static noise" in the headphones originates from many factors. Most of them are caused by radio signal interference between mobile phones and headphones. To improve the call effect, you should try to keep the radio signal interference between the mobile phone and the headset, and try to ensure that they are in a smooth state without any obstruction in the process of transmitting the signal. We have the following suggestions for reference: 1) The wearing direction of the headset and the mobile phone should be kept on the same side of the body as much as possible; 2) Avoid the mobile phone in the bag (the canvas bag will cause less obstruction, the leather bag or briefcase will hinder It will be more).

9. Will other Bluetooth mobile phone users hear my call content?

Answer: Pairing the headset with a Bluetooth phone will create a dedicated link route that is only used by the two Bluetooth devices. According to the Bluetooth technology used by the headset, it is not easy for third parties to monitor the content of the call. Moreover, the radio frequency power of Bluetooth wireless signals is much smaller than that of ordinary mobile phones, so these signals are difficult to detect by third parties.

10. What happens when the phone and Bluetooth headset exceed the effective distance?

Answer: When the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset exceed the effective distance, the connection between the Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone will be automatically disconnected. When returning to the effective distance, the headset will automatically connect with the mobile phone without any settings. However, some mobile phones do not support this function, you need to find the Bluetooth device in the device list and select to connect.