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China speaker manufacturers launch wearable portable bluetooth speaker

Emily 2021-02-23 11:25:00

There are many existing Portable Bluetooth Speakers on the market, but there is still a lack of novelty in appearance design. Recently, a Chinese speaker manufacturer launched a very peculiar Portable Bluetooth Speaker, which looks particularly like a massager.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Jaskey Limited has always been known for launching novel products. Its newly launched Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a product that combines comfort to wear and music playback. However, the body of this Portable Bluetooth Speaker directly refers to the design of the massager. This Portable Bluetooth Speaker 3D surround sound immersive When listening, the sound generating units are distributed on both sides. The stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker emits audio sound upwards, giving you an immersive audio experience, precise and directional sound without disturbing others. The Portable Bluetooth Speaker is designed based on ergonomics, once you put it on , It fits the shoulders closely, and each focus point is just right, even if it is worn all day, it is very comfortable.

Skin-friendly material, memory silicone. Using high-quality soft memory silicone, it can be twisted, not afraid of bending, and elastic space; the part that touches the skin is coated with harmless and environmentally friendly silicone, which is delicate and gentle to the touch.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker