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How to select mini portable speaker

2020-07-22 09:11:12
1:The purity of sound

We always want a clean voice with no other noise.However, when a mini portable speaker makes sound, it will produce noise, which comes from the resonance of the box body, the reflection inside the box body, the distortion of the mini portable speaker when it makes sound,the reverberation produced by the environment and so on.

High frequency impurity is easier to distinguish, intuitive feeling is harsh, or the sound is obvious.Low frequency impurity is harder to distinguish and is even considered good at first.The time that bad low frequency listens slightly longer, can have giddy feeling.Regardless of high and low frequency, in the case of sound source no problem, listen for a longer time, and the more comfortable you listen, that is a good sound.

2 .The force of sound

A high-pitched voice is not sharp, and there is a feeling through your forehead.Powerful bass is not loud, it resonates with your body.

3.Details of the sound

Find avery subtle place to listen, some mini portable speakers can hear, some can not hear.In fact,the details of the sound do not need to listen to a particular point, vivid details can feel the music around you, can feel the music is moving you, but can not say exactly where the details are good.The details are not good, it seems that there is no wrong, but the music is not vivid, more rigid.

mini portable speaker

3.Details of the sound.

4:The azimuth sense of sound

To be honest, the sense of orientation of sound is better than nothing for the enjoyment of ordinary music (except symphonies).Film, game music is very attention, want good sense of orientation, multi - channel is a must.

5:Aspects of sound

In simple language, it's all about whether the sound is in sync or not.Now most mini portable speakers are multi speaker, but also through the divider, the original integrated sound separated into high frequency sound, low frequency sound.High frequency sound, low frequency sound to your ear more or less will be out of sync phenomenon, generally difficult to distinguish, but feel.Severe phase deviation can cause you to feel your ears swell when riding in a high speed elevator.For example, put a mini portable speaker back, I believe that most people can feel.There is little phase distortion in full-frequency mini portable speakers, so there are plenty of full-frequency enthusiasts.Of course, full-frequency mini portable speaker shave the disadvantage that high and low frequencies are difficult to combine.If you want both, the cost is very high.

mini portable speaker