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The economy of live stream

2020-07-21 09:11:15
Some people say that this is an era of nation wide live broadcasting, where everyone can be both an audience and a host.

selfie light ring

With the spread of smartphones and 4G networks, the dividing line between the two is getting thinner.You don't need to speak standard Mandarin. You don't need to be pretty.A small camera and a heart that dares to show itself to the public is enough.

live broadcast

Domestic live broadcasting can be roughly divided into two categories: one is a live broadcasting platform with games and life live broadcasting as the main body(Tik Tok, huya, Inke, etc.); the other is an app embedded with live broad castingas an additional function (such as Momo,Mogujie, Taobao live broadcasting).

live broadcast

However,the live broadcast format is generally the same, with "bullet screen"as the way of communication between users and anchors, and with value-addedservices such as thumb up.

live broadcast

We will often see such a joke news: "a live broadcast of a sleeping monthly million."

It seems that doing live broadcast is really a new way to get started easily, with low threshold and a lot of money.