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Selfie light - Illuminates your beauty

2020-07-24 15:30:09
When it comes to web celebritys' daily lives and friends' gatherings, selfies have become a skill for many people as well as photos.Not only selfies, but more and more people are getting involved in live streaming.I don't know if you noticed, but the brightness of the whole picture is just right, whether it's in the photo or in the video.

The reason is that web celebrity supplementary light is very popular now. This supplementary light is also divided into annular supplementary light and ordinary supplementary light. What is the difference between these two supplementary light?Which is more illuminating to your beauty?

Selfie light

Ordinary self - timer

The ordinary self-timer supplementary light directly comes from the mobile phone or mobile phone case. Its structure is that it is a mobile phone case, and there will be many LED selfie lights inside and aroundit, which can adjust the brightness. Click the switch and long press to adjust the selfie light intensity.The function of the ordinary self-timer is that the phone or mobile phone case has the function of filling the light when taking selfies,so the photos and videos taken in the back light or at night are beautiful,rather than black.

Disadvantages of ordinary self - timer

On the market, the selfie light of ordinary self-portrait supplementary light is basically point light source. The luminous surfaces is not big enough, and the light intensity is too big. The light is very hard, so it is difficult to form a good supplementary light effect, and it is easy to be blind.

Selfie light

Circular self - timer

The biggest characteristic of the circularself-timer is to enhance the shooting effect. Nowadays, most young people choose this circular self-timer for live broadcast and taking photos.

Its structure is bound to be circular, is directly can be used on the phone in the fill light lamp, very convenient, of course, it can also adjust the brightness.

However, the circular selfie supplementary selfie light has only three brightness which can be adjusted according to individual needs and different scenes.

Compared with ordinary self-timer supplementary light, the circular self-timer supplementary selfie light has a larger luminous surface, and if there is some soft light device, it is more professional, so that the eyes will not be dim and lackluster, and there is aspecial shooting Angle and special color temperature, it will feel very different after supplementary light.

So many Internet celebrities will choose the circular self-timer to make them look brighter on the screen.

Defect of circular self - timer

It's a separate entity, separate from your phone, that needs to be charged, so if you need to take a selfie with your sisters on a beautiful day, and you pick up your bag and you forget to take it with you, that's bad.

Cell phone selfie light

To sum up, if you just want to fill a lighting the dark, and you don't have high requirements on the quality of your photos, plus you tend to forget things, Then I suggest you choose the ordinary selfie fill light.

But if you're a regular selfie-taker and you're very strict about the quality of your photos and videos, you might want to opt for a circular selfie-supplement Selfie light.

Whether it's a regular selfie light or a circular selfie light, you'll find your eyes twinkling after you take a selfie.Maybe you'll fall in love with this selfie light after you use it.

Having said that, I also hope that you can buy your favorite complementary light to illuminate your beauty.