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How to properly store and maintain earbuds and headphones?

How to properly store and maintain earbuds and headphones?

The way you store and transport your earbuds/headphones when they are not in use is one of the key factors that affect their life length and performance.

Whenever you are done with using your earbuds/headphones, place them in their protective bag or case. This will keep them protected from the dust and all the dirt that is in our apartments, on our clothes and body, as well as the dirt they can pick up in public transport.

Pay attention to the cable. If you leave your headphones lying around, audio cable is one of the first things that will be damaged.

If you use earbuds/headphones for workouts, make sure they are completely dry before you store them or use them again.

Don’t unplug them by holding the cable. Always hold the jack in these situations and the cable will last longer.

Things you shouldn’t do if you want your earbuds or headphones to last

Even if you’re cleaning your headphones/earbuds on regular basis, it doesn’t mean you are treating them perfectly. You shouldn’t use too much soap or dangerous chemicals. Soap can leave residue on the device and chemicals can damage the material the headphones/earbuds are made of. Some of them can even make the paint start to peel.

Also, don’t submerge any parts in the water while cleaning the headphones. Too much water can destroy the drivers, so try to squeeze the cloth as much as you can before you start wiping. The exception can be made with silicone ear tips that can be submerged in water and cleaned.

Be careful when using alcohol, especially when cleaning full-size headphones, as it can damage plastic and leather parts.