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Analyze bluetooth over ear headphones’ specifications

2020-04-16 18:22:33

Specs are usually found on the back of the bluetooth over ear headphonespackaging and many people forget to read them before and after the purchase because they don’t know they hide the biggest secret. Specs are usually listed even in the online ads, so there are no excuses for not reading them.

bluetooth over ear headphones

1) Frequency range

It is the range of frequencies your bluetooth over ear headphonescan deliver. Human ear can hear frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz. If your bluetooth over ear headphoneshave wider range, it means they are great but you won’t be able to register the frequencies that go beyond the previously mentioned ones.

bluetooth over ear headphones

2) Impedance

Impedance refers to the amount of electrical signal that goes through your bluetooth over ear headphones and it is measured in Ohms. Low-impedance bluetooth over ear headphones will require less power for normal performance than the high-impedance bluetooth over ear headphones. This is why the low-impedance headphones are preferable for everyday casual use while the high-impedance headphones are used by professionals in studios.

bluetooth over ear headphones

3) Sensitivity

Sensitivity is measured in dB and it refers to the bluetooth over ear headphone loudness. More decibels mean louder headphones. However, be careful because volumes higher than 85 dB can be devastating for your hearing.