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How to know if it is a good bluetooth speaker

2020-07-09 16:48:10

To judge the sound quality of a good bluetooth speaker, at least the following points need to be met:

1. Pay attention to details

For those who are truly knowledgeable and professional level, generally they pay great attention to listening to some subtle sounds when listening to good bluetooth speaker.

A good sound is not as loud as possible, but allows you to hear more things, such as musical instruments, sound field, etc.

good bluetooth speaker

2. Listening attention level

Some friends should have heard the performance of a large band. In fact, we can find that the sounds of various musical instruments are emitted from different positions on the stage, and the sound field is not messy. This is the sense of hierarchy. Then a good bluetooth speaker should also have this layered sense. In addition to hearing the sense of plane, front, back, left, and right, it also needs to hear the sense of three-dimensional space.

Therefore, the higher the grade of a Bluetooth audio, the stronger the sense of hierarchy.

3. Pay attention to feelings

A good bluetooth speaker can make you like music more, because it sounds sweet when playing, it can be said that you are willing to listen more for a while. And even some dynamic sounds will not make you feel uncomfortable with your ears. Then a good bluetooth speaker can give you better enjoyment, so you can also judge the sound quality according to your own feelings.

In general, the sound quality of a good bluetooth speaker equipment should be like a good voice and good listening.

good bluetooth speaker