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How True Wireless Earphones Technology Works?

2020-03-31 16:22:54
We have mentioned some of the details related to this subject previously but we should probably explain the process of connecting true wireless earphones devices in more detail. It is quite simple and you can definitely do it on your own, but it won’t hurt if we to go through it together.
true wireless earphones
If you have a pair of true wireless earphones or a pair of true wireless speakers, which are supposed to be connected into a true wireless earphones system, the first thing to do is to turn the Bluetooth on and pair one of these devices (the user manual usually indicates which one shall be used first) that can be called the master device to the selected audio source (smartphone, player, PC, TV, etc.). After successfully pairing the first device with the audio source, you will want to pair the second device (the so-called “slave”) to the master device, not the source. This way, you’ll get your stereo system, which plays separate left and right channels, making the music more pleasing and real to your ears.
true wireless earphones
The true wireless earphones technology is actually based on chips. Every true wireless earphones device has a built-in chip responsible for sending and receiving audio signals wirelessly. The main true wireless earphones receives them from the source device and it remains mono in case the connection finishes there. In case the main speaker is paired with another speaker, it starts sending the signals towards its “slave” and the signal is split into two channels – left and right.